Thursday 22 October 2020

Painting update, few bits finished off

My hands and eyes are getting worse so I paint in batches and try to make some sense of my miniatures to my collection, I use many types of paint  Foundry, GW and others. her is a few pictures of what i have achieved so far.
My good friend Dave Wood sent me these gems and a few more to my collection of his Tenoch  miniatures range, a joy to paint, I used some colorshift paints from Green stuff world and I like the end result, brilliant figures.

Slave troops from the same range very old school.

I wanted some Mounted warriors for my Dark age /fantasy armies, Gripping beast provided some great  models. 
light Cavalry

Medium Cavalry
Heavy Cavalry
I wanted to boost my already large collection of warriors, buying individual sprues I set about creating some  fighters. Victrix, Fireforge and some spares.

These are a single Sprue of War games Atlantic Dark Age Irish, they are quite wonderful, a few conversions.

Needed a new command so again conversions and  parts from Sprues
Walking dead whisperers
Tangent miniatures
Lucid eye
Brother Vinnies

Lucid eye
Lucid eye Death Dealer

So there is a few bits finished off the shield transfers are LBM, and a joy to use, be safe my friends.

Saturday 10 October 2020

Day with some old friends


Had a great day in fine company at  Stoke Hall with Bryan Ansell and  Tony Ackland , Bryans birthday so I did a bit of art for him, thank you Diane  for the day.

Sunday 4 October 2020

Brutality test game 2 "Get to the choppa"


Had great fun testing the Brutality rules so I decided to go up a count. I created a 7 point  team and laid out the second solo scenario "get to the choppa", looked like it would be a challenge, the new upgraded characters looked very good, for the swarms I used some old D&D pre-painted Grells, suitably weird?

The characters in 6 turns had to reach the other side of the table and more and more swarms arrive to devour them,

Re- arranged my table for the scenario
The team ,Smoke FAST, Red Melee, Moon Support, Danny Melee and leader and finally Deadend the ranged
The objective "Choppa"

Rolled for the swarms
A lot turned up so the team went for it
Red, Danny and smoke try to clear a path
Moon and Deadend attempt to give support (Moon failed  a lot of  WIP rolls)
The battle starts the  swarms bouncing off the heroes
More swarms arrive
Danny charges in against the monsters
He slays 2 and prepares himself another swarm rips him apart
Moon actually rolls her WIP and creates a barrier in the vain attempt to stay off the swarms
Smoke and red  charge onwards to wards the  safety of the  ship
Deadend  opens fire trying to stop the swarms getting close
More swarms arrive and Smoke and red face certain death, Red shoves Smoke who dashes past the swarms to the ship 
She reaches safety as Red stands ready to take on the monsters
She batters  wave after wave
More monsters arrive
Moon tries to make a run for the ship as monsters surround her

Red again stays off swarms of monsters
Wounded she  does not falter
Even more swarms appear
Red  is heroic she  stops and slays  the waves that charge her
Moon fights off and tries to  get to the ship
Red eventually falls to the onslaught 

As Moon spots the ship she sees the swarms surround her
She charges hoping to get past or at least die trying
Felling some monsters she is eventually taken down in reach of escape
Deadend has run and shoot his way to the right side of the ship but is no faced with the swarms who move forward, he makes a break rushing to escape
Only to meet an on coming swarm

He falls and the game ends it  did get to turn 6 only 1 character escaping,. Loads of fun and  it is challenging to do, very enjoyable