Thursday 23 June 2022

Midgard, Brutality and One hour skirmish games played


Played 3 games using some of my favorite systems, I wont give a detailed AAR but here is some notes and pictures 


Promised my self a battle using giants in the game, so a sharp 330 point list, I decided to use my new painted Pict/Irish/ Welsh forces, so Balor of the evil eye convinced the poor souls to help him stop the giant invasion.
laid out my small table as its big enough for a fight, I as always randomly rolled where each unit was on the line the giants seem to pack up on the left.
they both had 9 reputation so loosing a few on the giants would spell disaster. Balors Army advanced hoping to out flank and out run the giants, the warriors could move up to 3 ST, the giants charged forward only one hitting the right of Balors army, the mighty Crom Cruach slithered forward to stop the giants advance, arrows did not stop any giants, Balors evil eye causing some problems, Crom tore into a giant and killed it out right but was hurt, as another giant then charged and finished the mighty one off the whole giant line hit Balors army but it was now down to reputation and the fight was very close the Frost giant Queen forced back the right side as the other crashed into the line, but Balors men fought and the wounded giants fell causing the Frost giants to fall back, Balor triumphant.
As before loads of fun, and it works, the giants need to hit all at once and push or destroy units as quickly as possible, humans can fight them with the right space and rolls, archers will take out a wounded giant, Balor is a monster to fight he is lv4 and dangerous, the hero was Crom Cruach who took out 2 giants before being killed and caused enough to ensure the rest were very delicate. very enjoyable ad fun it works for me fine. more to come.

Managed to get a Brutality play test in to return to the game, basic starting scenario, used my miniatures collection and all the GW terrain i have amassed. The Illuminati lost to the Scoundrels. loads of fun and slowly got back into the action. more to come...

One hour Skirmish game

Used my Dune 3d prints in a scenario based on the Pulp one in the rule book, a few changes but it played very well up to the last turn when the Fremen got the captive free...


Saturday 18 June 2022

Corpse Collector, Primal, Bunny Mask and Dr Dead


Got my modelling putty out and created some gaming pieces for my self, inspired by comics images and games. 

The fantastic " Spear" from the  great cartoon Primal by Genndy Tarakovsky.. one I had to make !
Bunny mask from the comic by Paul Tobin and Andrea Mutti, by After Shock comics
Dark Doctor from many worlds 
And the mighty  Corpse collector from the wonderful skirmish game Forbidden Psalm, another  i had to make...