Friday 23 June 2023

Omegas, Aliens. Robots and Orcs

More 3D prints from my Son Russell. I am amazed by the quality, pose and content, they paint wonderful and look great.
Finished off some Daybreak Orcs, to me these are the best Orcs I have seen in miniature and I have been gaming since I was 12, the pose and  whole is superb.

 I had a few of the Papsikels Omega and decided i wanted an army, so here it is, the look and pose make these for me, not your standard Alien, some thing very different.

large Robots again from Papsikels he does make great ones.
Some Sith/Aliens which i had to get, as with 3D prints try to keep the layers of paint low.

A fungoid infected human , will add to my collection