Sunday 30 July 2017

Oldhammer BOYL 2017

 Well one of the biggest highlights of my Wargame year went on over the weekend  at Foundry Newark again, Bring out your lead 2017. What can I say amazing day on Saturday, the standard of the tables miniatures  and company gets better and thats hard to beat year  to year. Diane , Marcus Maria and  Bryan made the event what it is the many gamers collectors and  just people who come to see I would believe were  blessed with what was there. the Oldhammer guys all who i know  and  who's company is of excellence  put on a display of table miniatures ideas that as a long time  wargamer  would say is  of the  highest quality in the world !

Garth ran the whole day aided by many the painting competition was as always attended high with quality miniatures of love and care. The  tent held 2 huge games with  terrain and  miniatures  exceeding any before other room held games and   tables with many enjoying the times. I was honoured to have the company of Dave Wood collector and good friend who I pestered to attend the even for years, my best mate Alec  had to have an emergency operation and  was unable to attend so as all he was missed and  good wishes from all i have passed on to him. Big tony was there  to talk and   give his  words of wisdom , the Goblim master Kevin Adams again created faces and   things for anyone who asked. Below are some pictures they do not give justice but i hope show a little of what was to view. Harry and Curtis  are  to be commended on the tables. and those who won the painting competition well the minis speak for themselves 
 Harry and other huge table 

 Curtis and gang this was amazing as Harrys to view

 The Grand Master thats Tony Ackland

 Harry who's birthday it was on the day.

 My good friend Geoff sims  had one of myy concepts i did for his kickstarter there and  kindly gave me a bag of bits, he is a great man.
 Wasteland Hero
 Phil and Amy with others playing heroquest always good company

 Paul and Steve playing space fleet.

 High lord Garth  who can game and still organise the event .

 Paul and Steve playing 40k

 Car wars game

 Garth  at work again
 the level of detail and bits and bobs were astonishing

 The painting competition I hope i captured a little of the  excellence

 One of the minitures as aprize from last year of mine painted on the tables , made me smile
 Me and the great Dave Wood good company
Bit of an update a wonderful picture of Maria and me  she is a star and looks after me all day . 
Some of my miniatures on sale im told they both went well the chaos lord   was  wanted by many. 
Thank you  all those i know I wont give names as far to many but   you made my day and i would say many more..