Sunday 5 February 2017

More wet pallet Conan miniatures finished off

 Two more finished off thought I would share , yes the paint is still wet and very usable I think the Pallet is a huge time saver and enables simple blending.

Friday 3 February 2017

Using a wet pallet to paint my Conan miniatures

 I was shown and then pursued the  advantages of a wet pallet for my miniature painting. i have been painting miniatures since I was 12 , so very old dog new trick?. I purchased a wet pallet tray. deciding to paint the miniatures from my Conan game I laid out my paints and brushes and slowly  took the path.
 Reading wand watching some of the fantastic videos on the net i cleaned and sprayed the one 's I wanted to paint first.
 A base white  and prepared the tray for the wet palette , I found more water than expected was required learning as one goes
 I put on basic colours and  ensured all were covered in at least a coat, the pallet does make the the paint more loose and this  was pleasing as I could return to the pallet to touch up or  do a part missing with the paint still wet.
 I then  used 2 washes one  Reckland flesh on the skin then Nulm oil on the clothing ad weapons, allowing it to dry completely.
 I decided to paint the Conan first once dry, using the wet pallet I built up  perhaps only 3 layers of thin paint on the skin to get the effect, the pallet again providing an ease of mixing the 2 colours used  kislev flesh being the high light,
 I then worked on the  fur and leather armour and steel slowly picking out  areas and  built up  what i desired

 I like a  vibrant highlight on my miniatures as most  know, so after  letting it dry I returned and  edged some parts and lines to make it stand out the eyes i only dark brown lines.
 high lighted  the  gold and fur to the highest   to ensure they stood out content I then  as always gave the flesh a very thing wash of Seraphim sepia to bnd the whole skin
 Finishing the base off so far (I am undecided on what  end result of the bases will be!)

A final pic i highlighted the skin  a bit and  thought id add the picture

Ian so far impressed by the end result not professional standard but my gaming    miniature collection

The pallet views so far, I find it is easier to work once you have colours on the pallet and  yes they varnish some times but easy to replace . the  thinning of the paint is  a good thing and  being able to return  very  good and saves time. the  over all thought I will use this  and hopefully get  a more easy painting time. I would suggest at least to any painter  to give it a try. I have always used  layers and  perhaps  block paint to my miniatures , this gives a flow and I would say saves  on opening bottles and lids and paint in general.

As always my views only not  wrote in stone. I will post pics of the rest when finished. thanks for looking at my blog as  always .
be safe