Monday 31 January 2022

Escape the Tomb of Terror (7TV Fantasy)


Infused by some great games posted on the Net, I decided to give 7TV Fantasy a full go, I created 2 casts one the heroes the other the solo play  foes, I have long been a fan of the insane Italian horror movies of the 70/80s, so Dario Fulci Sword and Horror classic, "Escape from the Tomb of Terror" came to mind, A video nasty of renown for its blood, violence, nudity and monster exploitation... 
(Escape the Tomb of Terror. 1975 Dario Fuchi. Italian Sword and Blood film, a noted video nasty banned in one country (Narnia). Barbarian hero, his Axe companion and naked Elf archer save a beautiful  princess from outlaws, as she swimming in a lake, she  takes them  to her village, a  drinking orgy to celebrate, as a Valkyrie appears and  tells them of impending doom and to escape, a huge dimensional  monster appears and destroys the village and its occupants, the  party along with stranglers  must  enter the tomb of terror and escape  with a Rune Sword to defeat the  dimensional monster. its selling point was , Hope you Die first! )
The defenders of the Tomb, Elder Race, T-Rex, Flying fungus, Missing link, Tunnel Spiders and some ghouls, they would AI and come back on rolls when taken out.
Heroes Brooding Barbarian, Steadfast Goliath, Enchanting Beauty, Valkyrie, Healer Elf Scout and some warriors..
Tomb lay out 4 objectives one Maguffin the heroes must exit the opposite side of the table it is the Escape scenario.
The pot of Runes Maguffin. I deployed the  sides and  turned the first "tragic Backstory" and the Valkyrie and T-Rex had history and moved 6" towards each other, the  cameras rolled.. the heroes advance into the tomb,
The huge beast see's the Valkyrie and advances jaws snapping the beast has un-finished business with the naked spear woman...
She advances and her spear strikes the mighty lizard only to bounce off it thick hide, the Elf archer fires both arrows also striking home but bounce off the hide,
The Valkyrie showing no fear attacks with her dagger but in a second the  monster devours the brave woman in a single bite..
The evil creatures move to  stop the heroes escape,..
The Barbarian pulls from the  pot of Runes and magical Rune sword, they might now stand a chance
The huge Steadfast Goliath charges across the high walk way and smashes his Axe into the head of the  T-Rex it staggers back from the blow, snarling it lashes but misses the Goliath.
A brave female warrior charges her blade glancing off the beasts hide, its tail swipes and the young woman is smashed in a bloody pulp against a  pillar.
The Elder race searches for victims, seeking to dominate then eat the victims mind
A flying Fungus dives onto another warrior woman she defends 
The Goliath strikes with his mighty Axe this time the blow stuns the huge beast it topples off the  walk way.
The warrior woman is crushed to death the  Fungus flies avoiding the  huge monster and the Elder race takes a hard blow from the tail landing on it, the T-Rex shakes its head, opening on eye.
The Barbarian slays a charging Fungi in a single swipe.
The Goliath continues his assault on the rising T-Rex his Axe bouncing off its hide.
The Elf archer kills a fungi 
The Goliath summons his Gods and ground  smashes the  walk way the shock wave spinning the advancing spiders on there backs. the Elf Archer dispatches the now vulnerable the creatures...
Warrior woman make it to the first platform
More evil appears to stop the heroes
The Enchanting beauty see's a clear path to the escape route but a appearing Fungi spots her
The  nubile healer is suddenly  dominated by the Elder Race she cannot move... now at its mercy.
A cave spider  scuttles and bites the Goliath in his leg the deadly venom distracting the  man,
As Ghouls rise to attack the Warrior women one grabs her companion and tosses her knocking down the foul Ghoul.
The distracted Goliath is devoured by the savage T-Rex
The poor healers mind is sucked from her body by the Elder race...
The Ghouls strike biting and ripping into the Warrior women..
The brave Elf archer fires at the T-Rex as she falls under the bites and claws of spiders and Fungi.
The Missing link seeing the beauty charges hoping to make her his new mate..
The wounded T-Rex charges the Barbarian who using the Rune sword delivers a killing blow to the monster avenging his companion the Goliath.
The beauty stabs and kills the Fungi as the Missing link claws at her ripping cloth and skin.

The Women  Warriors on the  rise are over run by spiders and Ghouls .
The last falling  and being devoured  vicious by the beasts..
The Missing link grabs the beauty close only to find her Stiletto shoved upwards deep into his chin the  depraved beast falls dead...
The Barbarian and Beauty see the escape and run for the lives...
Escaping the Tomb of terror... (End credits)

Loads of fun and  the game as all 7 TV creates its own stories, the Valkyrie and T-Rex history, the falling T-Rex of the walk way. Enjoyed the game the 7 TV Fantasy is  a great fun game for  all fans of fantasy and whatever you wish to do...

Maybe another feature of Dario Fuchi soon???