Monday 30 May 2016

"Bring the boy back alive!" Blood Eagle Battle Report

 So we played Blood eagle again the 4th scenario Bring them back alive, warbands must locate missing Pearson and escort them off the table point, Alec brought  his  Draugr warband, I used the Saxon list and composed a Arthur Knights warband of heavy armed warriors. we rolled up the location which was a set of ruins, Alec laid it out  (one of his favourite parts of any game) .
the complications we chose armed civilians and I suggested the ruins were the place of the cannibal  Wendol, and to make it very interesting  they attack anyone within 6" and move random if not engages or line of sight of any one not a Wendol, each table quarter we rolled a D10 +2 for the number randomly placed

 The setting
 Arthur's war band heavy armoured wariors Gawain his second in command
 the Dreaded Wendol stalked the ruins , after placing how many there were we knew it was going to be a bloody affair

 Klinsten the lost boy
 Alecs warband Glars, Tilga  Soggan and there warriors

 Must reach him and get off the entry point easy ?? not when your outnumbered 4-1 by Cannibals
 Arthur s men enter and already see the numbers who react to them, blades and spears ready for the onslaught

 Glars men rush the pave way but find there surrounded
 "Prepare your selfs"
 One of Arthur's men rushes a Wendol female but is  surrounded my  3 vicious tribes men
 Arthur takes them head on urging his men to get the boy
 Glars is jumped he swings his axe in defence
 His men are also engaged by the savages
 Battle is joined on both sides

 the hapless knight is cut down by blows around him he never stood a chance
 Glars cuts a path but they keep coming

 Arthur slays 2 Wendol but more fill the gaps
 his knights fight for there very lives

 Glars starts to make progress atop the dead and dying around him

 Arthur still is not making it to the  target
 Beset on all sides the knight s fight on
 Soggan reaches the boy and grabs him to find Wendol and enemy knights moving in on him fast
 is some places the fight are 3 -1 
 bodies start to pile up
 Glars rushes to aid and stop the enemy getting to Soggin to find himself surrounded
 A Wendol blade ends his  life ( we realised he had no hero points so that was it for him)
 Arthur struggles on 5-1 
 His knights see the enmey fleeing with the  boy

 undaunted they fight on as the wendlol still charge onto them

 Soggan makes for the escape

 Arthur in rage slays 3 of his opponents
Just as Soggan escapes, Victory to Alec band, the total casualty s on the table were 32

One hell of a fight from start to finish, very enjoyable and  again story creating game play. the Wendol were a good complication as your thinking the second the turn starts and will use the idea again in our games...

Sunday 22 May 2016

Partizan convention 2016

We went to the Partizan at Newark today, new venue for the convention and was just a breath of new air, more light better layout and nice food and did have a great atmosphere my only gripe one person taking the money to get in ,(a bit silly). Lots of stunning display games with so many superb miniatures , (I leave it to others to take better pictures than me), we watched the new men who would be king display that looked very good and a must to buy when it comes out, the perrys had a WW2 Desert game and big shaun had a 1979 table with outstanding models but there only a few.

Meet up at last with Wayne Peter Bollands a pleasure to meet him, the mighty Craig Cartmell who is always a joy to discuss all things blood eagle and IHMN, Nick from Northstar, Marcus and Lucy at the Foundry stand, Dave Thomas, Rick Priestley and many more.

My haul well my son Steven gave me an early birthday present of the new silver tower game from GW, the detail on the plastics is astounding, Crooked dice plastons and space crew i had to buy as i have a game in my head, Annie the bag lady had 2 packs of shield maidens that were a must, some wound counters from warbases that are just brilliant, a huge bag of dice off Phil at DT stand, Perry Cape wars command to my huge colonial army's, and the GW Kastelan robot set that i could not resist, and last off a GOT lady in waiting I wanted for a time