Wednesday 27 November 2013

HVF Two Games Played

 Played 2 IHMN games today using the 2 of the new companies from the  second Book Heroes, Villains and Fiends, an Apache and US secret service company
 laid out the  miners camp as  setting and we played  VIP

 the VIP Karl the big bad teddy
 Apaches shining bear, bear, medicine man, champion 5 warriors and 2 lesser deamons
 OSS jack, Hetty a SGT 6 special Agents and 3 native scouts and  Rin tin tin
 the Apache move in to get Karl

 OSS hopes to shoot them up before any one grabs the teddy
 Natice Scouts take positons with there rifles and skills
 The Bear/Deamon charges forward
 Shining bear grabs  Karl as Rin tin tin  dives onto the frey hoping to slow them down

 Crossing the water is slower and the OSS  make it to the other side
 Trying to flank the  Indians
 A marksman shoots  the champion down first kill to the OSS
 2 more follow to arc Rifles and long range fire cover giving no protection to the scouts
 Rin tin tin is floored and dispite running the OSS loose Karl to the Apache
 We found we still had time so played death at there heels using the same  compaines and  altering the exisiting terrain , Karl waits on the  Air boat for whoever gets there  first and avoids the  Avalance of deadly snow

 compaines  take places and  are  on the run

 table layout thye must reach the boat before the  impending doom
 OSS tries to cut off the Apache
 running to the ship to gain advantage
 The Bear /Deamon  wants blood and  attacks the OSS
 Jack fires and moves  dodging the arrows and spears as he goes
 the scouts   take up places to take  pot shits at the apache

 Rin tin tin reaches the boat
 the wall of snow appers and does not move fast perhaps the  end is not so near

 Jack and Hetty shoot the Apache down but the   Medicine man recovers them again and again
 A spear kills the poor dog
 OSS and Apache clash  hand to hand combat

 2 Deamons fight the OSS sgt 
 the OSS are no match for shning bears magic he makes them run to fight each other
 Raging battle near the boat as the snow moves on slowly

 the Medicine man again revise a fallen warrior
 the  fight between the Deamons and OSS continues
 The snow starts to gather pace one Deamon and 2 Agents  are crushed
 the bear runs but is  over run from the  advacing death
 Hetty is caught in a hand to hand with the Medicine man and there both taken 
 the last scout makes for the boat as jack is surrounded by the Apache
 he falls to the champions axe and the Apache are victorious as the snow is on there heels
 OSS casualtys
 taken by the snow

 Brilliant afternoons entertainment , the new compaines are  great and both scenarios  are  real fun to play, learned alot again use marksmen don't move if you can help it, healers are a must the bloody Apache  were always getting back up, Arc weapons work close range very well if you can afford them..

Brilliant game and we very impressed

Saturday 23 November 2013

Happy Birthday Dr Who

 I have to say that I watched the first  episode and now 50 years later  it still makes me smile, happy day to all the fans and people who love and i know on this blue ball.
 He was scary but lovable, the man who would save the day.
 He is perhaps my favorite, he made me laugh and still does, some of the best  quotes ever
 Just a brilliant  time on screen with him he was the man
 tonight we get 3 , I love the build up and  fingers crossed they will deliver.
My favorite conpanion bless her soul
these metal bastards scared me to death as a child fantastic creations  just get better and better