Sunday 31 August 2014

Cavewoman comics character and SDZA

 Here is one of  my favourite comic character as a miniature "Cavewoman" Meriem Cooper from
Basement Studios comics. A hassle free miniature converted to the above

 Cavewoman and her  pet Klyde (Reaper ape)
 playing with my Photoshop skills

One of my best friends has a new project S.D.Z.A. Superhero Dinosaur zombie apocalypse  game and minis coming soon so  i put these up for encouragement

Thursday 28 August 2014

Warmaster Horus

 My son got me this for my birthday and i have been dreading sticking and painting this monster, I hope i at least did some justice, he's a great miniature. Thank you Steven

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Donnybrook first game s pictures

 Well had a great time today me and Alec tried the Donnybrook Skirmish rules for the first time, 2 basic forces Pirates and  government troops and pirates vs native for the second game the standard first scenario, and we both agreed it was a very enjoyable experience lots of fun interaction and great game play. We will play this more as it seemed  to give a all round good  game... pictures below of  both of the games

Slaines Bad Guys and Donnybrook characters

 Made these for my SOBH games and fantasy collection the  evil bad guys from the slaine comic
the Guledig and Slough Feg
 Wonderful Reaper miniatures Tiger
 Here is my characters for my Donnybrook games all wargames foundry wonderful miniatures, and perfect for the game