Thursday 23 April 2015

HG Wells at the end of time (Astounding tales AAR)

 Had this game in my head for  quite a time, wanted to use my miniatures collection not  ised in  my games  some resting in a file box, the est win HG Wells and there time machine along with some adventures against the  Hallucigenia  and  some mythos creatures at the end of time. Drawing on Mr Moorcocks  eternal champions who have been long time companions in my games since i first read them.
 HG Wells along Una Perrson and Captain Oswals Barnstable, Catherine Cornelius of the  guild  Temporal adventures and a reluctant Randolph Carter  were the good guys against the  terrible Zog an advanced supreme being    Hallucigenia who witgh 3 migo plan to  shatter the very fabric of the universe at the very end of time by using a captures Catherine as a door way, he has  entomed the ritul to be in a portal enclave considering his plans complete he will open a door way to the old gods who will do his bidding safe from any intervention

 the remnants of a dead earth the  savage Crab men are the sole  inhabitants of the land
 Una has managed to follow Catherine but is unable to get into the  ritual  structure she is alone and now faces the inhabitants who wish only to feed on her 

 Zog commands the vile ritual  his Mi-go servant's chatter in glee
 Una has sent a message to the other  guild but is now beset by the Crab men valiantly she fends them off knowing the fate of the universe is at hand 
 the  Savage crab men slash and tear at her parrying there claws she manges to  fell one but   knows her time will soon be up against the  razor claws of the inhabitants of the now earth

 Oswald has gained the  aid of HG who by shear luck and perhaps skill arrives at Unas peril
 the Captains  blaster pistol eradicating the  crab men he  engages the  inhabitants telling HG to locate in time Randolph who is perhaps the only one capable of defeating the  vile Zogs plans.
 a charging crab man falls  to Oswald's  fire power
 Una hurt and bloody fends of her attacker
 Oswald aims and takes  out the charging crustaceans 
 HG returns with a very disgruntled Randolph on the other side of the  tomb
 Oswald blasts another crab man  will they never stop there ruthless charges
 Una finally  defeats her foe and  loading he Mauser she  shoots down 3 more  crustaceans 

 the battle continues  blaster and bullets against the  remains of Earth's   inhabitants
 they race towards HG 
 a crustacean is no match to a solid bunch of fives HG grabs Randolph and  goes to the battle sceane

 a wounded Una  makes it to the machine and HG using Randolph knowledge   directs  them inside the  Tomb

 they arrive just as the ritual is about to be complete, weapons ready but the mi-go are fast and ready
 Diving on the adventures claws slashing and tearing the  company os over run
 Zog unaffected completes his ritual and from the darkness from shadows a monstrous entity is  brought to the  real space
 Catherine screams and fends off its intentions 
 The Mi-go knock Randolph down knowing he can  unravel all there masters plans
 HG is then confronted by the monstrosity all hope fading 
 Oswald beasts back then fires destroying a Mi-go 
 he then takes vaporising the Mi-go attacking a failing Una 
 Catherine struggles with the might  entety who is still forming and vulnerable
 HG uses all his wits and skill and slays the last Mi-Go then seeks the fallen Randolph 
 Catherine her bond solid she  focus and  tries to dissipate the  monstrous  being but her strenght is failing
 HG revives the fallen Randolph
 he  searches his books for the incantation he chants and the  entity slips sideways back to its realm
 Zog furious directs his mind  powers first to knock Una down and cold 
 the Oswald falls victim to the  evil ones powers
 Zog turns and  strikes HG down , Randolph face the  evil   head on

 Catherine  distracts Zog  who is then sent along the same  path of the monstrous entity sealing the  portal and all is safe

Randolph saves the day the adventures are revived there  adventure at the end of time complete
Again the astonishing tales rules make the game work so well. i have Howards supplement rules for chainmail bikini so next perhaps Conan  will feature, great stuff and the babatrons will come soon i promise

Monday 20 April 2015

Terror of the Jungle king Astounding adventures AAR

 I promised more AARs  and  getting back on track with the another astounding adventures game by Howard Whitehouse, fun fast paced  skirmish game, this one follows after Count Zero  floating islands of the Amazons, his   success on  shutting down the   field that protects the islands he lands  full force and his first target is the treasures of the  Dark walker site, believed the  idol holds riches unbound , but  guarded by fearsome beasts and  the idol is  said not to hold but imprison some thing, 
His plans not unnoticed the ghost who walks  come to the Amazons aid, the high priestess has  also summoned the  keepers and some thing far worse..
 the good guys Melia the priestess, the ghost who walks and Devil his  companion. Raven and the mighty  king of the jungle Klyde, and a tribe of Huge gorilla guardians
 The Ghost who walks with Devil
 Count Zero, Verina the insane, Tor the brute, a Steel man robot and the crew of Zeros ship
 the lost ruins of the temple of the Dark walker, only the priestess and the Ghost who walks are on the table for the defenders at the start of pay the others are part of the card generated activations
 Verina leads a squad of highly armed  men
 Zero uses his  war wagon its fire-power and armour is beynd the amazons 
 riding his walker and with his  crew Zero is confidant of his prize today
 the Ghost who walks  uses cover his speed and cunning sending Devil to harry the invaders till help arrives
 Trees and bushes he  gets close and his  Automatic blaze death
 2  invaders fall and third follows and he sinks back into the jungle

 a pack of gorilla guardians charge into the  invaders teeth and  huge fists thrashing
 the crew men stunned by the ferocity fall  and the Apes  go into frenzy

 one battles the Steel man whos  armour  glances its blows

 the beast falls to the metal mans claws
 Zero reaches the   ruins and prepares to open the idols treasure
 The priestess Melina strikes her blade  ending one of the invaders intent on stopping the opening of the idol
 The ghost who walks again  blazes away sending 2 more crew to there  doom
 he is  suddenly  ambushed by Verina her blade  wielding cold steel he ends her off  but some blows get through her skill at killing becoming  evident
 2 more crew struggle with Melina her courage all that stops her falling
 Count Zero continues his     time to open the idol (used a activation D6 number added to 30 for him to open the idol
 Tor finishes off a mighty Ape  savage Vs Brute strength
 the ghost who walks knocks Verina down and rushes to aid the priestess no sign of help alone they face the whole crew of invaders and vile villains
 his agility and skill he is atop the  walker guns blasting around but
 the war wagons fire power  laces his body  from afar
 Tor is charged by Devil 
 the ships captain is lucky as his wild shot fells the ghost who walks is all now lost
 Recovered Verina strikes  dropping Devil she  goes after the priestess next
 Melina  stops another invader then another is hope  in sight
 Verina charges and  her blade cut shorts any hope
 felled the  ruins are theres now and  victory in sight
 A tremendous howl and from the jungle  Klyde and Raven charge  on the opposite side
 the remaining ape advance in  a devastating charge
 the war wagon is swamped its gun firing into the fur and fists
 Steel man again faces a gorilla

 Klyde  leaps and in bounds is on the ruins 
 Tor wounded is no match for an ape
 smashing the walker into the jungle   like a  toy
 he then grabs the steel man 
 burning walker the captain runs for his life
 the war wagon is now battered and  failing to the apes assault
 Zeros opens the idol to find to his horror is was actually a prison for a deamon Morrigan free he scans the   once prison 
 Klydes fist  smashes straight through steel man how falls wreaked and mangled
 the final moment as the war wagon explodes form the apes assult
 Klyde leaps and faces the Mighty deamon
 the captain runs directly into an ape
 Verina amidst the confusion is struck down by an ape guardian
 the Newly released Deamon is no match for Klyde who smashes and batters the  being back to where he belongs
 the captain  screams as the ape rips him apart
 Count Zero alone face the king of the jungle as Raven motions the  great ape to deal with him, a might fist  crushes Zero down in a swipe, victory to the Amazons Count Zero Verina and Tor are taken inot  custody by a wounded Ghost who walks, But the island is now open to all and new  enemy's lurk and wait
Great fun game and as always the rules work above all else. More to come H. G wells and the  time machine at the end of time, Nemo and  the battle of  the  Babeatrons and more..