Saturday 25 February 2023

Verrotwood more Games and thoughts


after the fist few games I decided to see how far I could take whats on the table when playing Verrotwood, and the terrain auras I wanted to explore, they give dice rolls and effects to the game table, some advantage some disadvantage some quite deadly.

I first game laid out my table and sorted the terrain into basic areas , then noted on some  plexi squares what it  denoted and the area effect, making it more easy to see what was and where. I tried the basic number 1  scenario get 3 objectives and rolled the  monster which was the madman. The cult was the same as few games from my HATE collection of miniatures, first turn I was delighted the terrain reminders made the whole game very different , the scrub i treated as poison, and an easy roll determined the effect, and a small counter reminded me. the cult entered and easy found the objectives the Madman was activated twice a turn but seemed content near his trees, Bork the  huge fighter engaged and quickly  removed his threat, the rest of the cult were spreed out collecting objectives, and i looked over and decided to up the challenge placing 4 reanimated  on a random roll on the table, this altered everything, the Cult leader came close to the old mine and heard whispers to call him to enter, he was then engaged by an un-dead and failed the  wicked roll and vanished into the mine. Talika the spear wife was surrounded by the corpses and tried to fight them off the rituals working and the good old mushroom healing but she fell and Brock found him self with 2 un-dead he fought and  sent them both back to the ground and got off the table with Melissa the blade wife. 

I pondered the game it was very different the wicked terrain area and others  altered the whole outlook.

So next game  rearranged the terrain and added another wicked area. Also  decided to pit 2 Cults against each other and worked out a new cult to fight over the 3 objectives, the Monster was "Some thing in the woods" and was randomly placed in the right side wood. the Cults placed on the table edges and off it went.

The  activation cards make life easy and the cults set off to get there  prizes, the new Cults  fighter Skull got close and was jumped by the thing in the woods and was taken out by the  monster, I had a new mounted cult leader he attacked the thing in the woods and a fierce fight  broke out. Brock get an objective , while the rest of his cult got into the  center of the table,  Karkas the first cults leader got close to a wicked terrain piece a well who called for him to  enter and yes he was succumbed and  jumped into the darkness of the  well  Red of the new cult shoot her bow then got close to Melisa after a fight Red slaying the cultist. Biosan seeking the objective her next activation card  she rolled for the Well and followed  Karkas. turn 5 and I checked the victory condition, the old cult won by 2 objectives,

The second game, I found was  very paced and fun the terrain made it again a challenge, on after thoughts I would only use 1 piece of wicked terrain it is deadly and loads of fun, the combat is fast and the thing in the woods is very lethal to any cultist.. 

Loads of fun and expanding some game table effects and making it easy to remember works..

Pictures of both games for effect, be safe my friends.

Tuesday 21 February 2023

One Hour Skirmish "No time to Die"

I got some new 3D prints of the Terminator film  foot  series and wanted to give them a try out, so my first call was the One hour Skirmish rules book by John Lambshead, which I am very comfortable with as a  game system and has an extremely playable  system and open ideas to different settings. I had also got his Sci-Fi skirmish scenario book, and had  a particular scenario in my head from it. the  game was to plant a bomb and have a limited time to do it.
I gathered some forces the new Terminators and  from my box of Infinity models some resistance to be the bomb setting attackers. 

One of Skynets time devices has  phased out of the  lab and  appeared in the wastelands. the Resistance spot this and  send a unit to destroy the device, Skynet responds and  controls some ground forces to stop anyone doing anything to the device till it can be recovered by heavy gear. 


laid out my 3x3 and placed the forces as the  scenario, the bomb carrier cannot fire and has a limited time to place the device, on a roll of 3+ on a D6 it starts and  turn one it starts to  time out, was not going to be easy.

The Terminators got the first activation and started to secure the center, the resistance moved  slowly not getting the cards, the bomb carrier covered by her  companions tried to get close being held down by the advancing terminators who even being shot down just got up and advanced relentless. The turns soon added up and by turn 3 the device was at 10 not good as 15 was the score for it to go off. the Terminators kept advancing slowing the resistance even moving the shot distance to the device. turn 4 and the D6 roll was 4 so this was it!, a do or die, the terminators still around  but a path was clear to the device, the resistance got first action card and the bomber went for it she placed the device and backed off, the next terminator card was a joker so BOOM!!. the resistance did it only just.

Loads of fun and as before I love the rules there fast and tactical, the scenario proved it. I recommend anyone giving the rules a go and the scenario book is a great  source, more to come. Pictures of the game, be safe my friends....

Sunday 19 February 2023

Verrotwood "Steal from the Dead"


After helping beta test the Verrotwood rules I finally got a PDF, my son printed it up for me. So I had to give it a go?

I created a Cult, using the 500p rules and set out a 3X3 board and placed terrain I wanted to give  the game some depth so I placed 6 randomly Reanimated  and 4 objectives all in the center area some terrain gave special advantages the mounds of bodies and icon gave +1 STR within 4", apart from that I used the rest as seen.

The cult was placed on the boards edge and I decided on 6 turns to get at the objectives, I created some  activation cards on blank playing cards I have.

The game was actually very much fun the Reanimated were a pain stopping the advance of the cult, who had  a melee advantage and the  Rituals and equipment , but this soon dwindled, the reanimated were only destroyed on a critical roll, some thing I real liked made them very unusual to play other wise were knocked prone. The cult were stopped at 4 points with the  Reanimated wounding and making things very hard, eventually the rolls and advantages to terrain started to make an impact the reanimated were slowly being destroyed with one Cultist manage to get an objective in turn 5, another was slain and the leader fighting to the center of the table. Victory to the cult 3 reanimated destroyed and 1 objective. I twas much fun and  i found the  game worked well, one thing I altered was if a cult wished to escape from a base to base just roll there DEX against the defender if they pass there free to move if not they take a wound. made things simple and to me in the flavor of the game.

Enjoyable and playable game. A few pics of the carnage...



Thursday 16 February 2023

A Dragon, Thundercats and others painted

Finished off a few more miniatures for my collection
The Zombiecide Thundercats boxes very nice to paint.
Mantic Hellboy Big box of Doom pieces
I was inspired to paint this by the great Geoff Soloman-Sims who painted one of these BOYL pieces
Mantic Big box of Doom Dragon, I love this miniature, superb piece

 An adventure party , a Heroquest wood Elf, BOYL Wizard and a superb  Little soldier shop character from the noggin Range....