Sunday 30 June 2013

Wargames Foundry God of Battles Tiekkan & some Cowboys

 Painted up some of the wargames foundry God of Battles Tiekkan warriors, these are the Death. nice big models and look very impressive painted

 Size comparison with some Foundry characters of mine
 The  Tiekkan Black warriors these spit acid, very cool looking bug wariors for any game like the death guard, i se them opposing my amazons on the Moon and Selenites.

 Size comparison shot  with my  Reaper Pathfinder Fantasy miniatures
 Foundry Wild West collection, Mike Owens  very strong  solid miniatures with loads of character
 More of the same range again lovley models
 Texas Rangers
 An Artizan miniature and a Foundry young lady
 The pack of  Western miniatures from Artizan great characters

Foundry Wild west  towns people solid miniatures for  any game also could be for  VSF

Sunday 23 June 2013

7th Voyage Sinbad and the Beastmaster

 This is all my mates Drews fault, we discussed minatures for  Sinbad and the new 7th Voyage rules from Crooked Dice, i had few and was deep into my VSF collection, after thought and time i made some crew from my plastic collection, and  well I got the  rules and found i had enough to play any of the games i saw in the book. this is the standard 300 pt battle scenario straight up fight,
 The forces are Sinbad, Scheherazade, a trusty conpainion along with a leader and the rest  sea dogs, the bad guys are  the dreaded  beastmaster Zuma , a guardian, 4 great apes and the rest  cultists

 Zuma wins and deploys in the table taking advantage of the terrain
 His great apes take the high ground looking for prey
Sinbad deplys is crew in 3 section and hopes his numbers win the day
 The cultist take the flanks, with some left to guard the evil beastmaster
 The  crew  flank to the right hoping to shoot a few  enemy before it comes to face to face
 The Apes charge down from ther advantage to rip the  crew on the  left to bits
 The charging cultist meet the skill of the  crew and fall inthere first wave
 Sinbad and his party  make for the centre to confront Zuma
 He and his  people dispatch 3 cultist in short work of the sword
 Zuma huge guardian charges the right party of crew men the cultist leader joining the frey
 A lone crew man is ambushed by a nighyt Ape
Sinbad charges and slays the beastal creature
 Sinbads crewman leader falls under the blows of the mighty  lizard monster
 A remainig crewman   send the beast to where it  belongs avenging the  leader
 2 cultist decide the battle is going the wrong way and make to the  jungles beyond
 The cultist leader take another crewman  out un knowing she has 2 crew behide her, she falls to there blades
 Sinbad confronts Zuma and his  blade and skills are tested Zuma starts to take wouds form his mortal enemy
 The ape pack is final stopped by the  huge axes of the  crewman
 Zuma  looks around  and decides the safety of his lair is best not the battle field , sin bad wins the day
 Sinbad and his crew victorius
 The rules play very well I found nothing wrong except i forgot to use the event cards some times, heros are heros but alone you will get dead fast, the combination of dice and  activation makes the game flow great as in 7TV, I now have plans for  more games, and create some  casts  from my characters...
Thanks as always for looking im still amazed how many hits i get, be safe

Sunday 16 June 2013

IN HER MAJESTY'S NAME first game test, and impression

 Had wanted a go with the new rules since I had a read on the game forums months ago got a pdf copy the day of release then hard copy at the store, my huge pulp VSF miniatures range ment i was able to smile at some of the  miniatures inthe book and companys you could devise, I spent a bit on a spred sheet to make them readable to me and decided a quick go on my  skirmish board and using my new MDF buildings, 200 pts aside
 Lord of light basically my  comic and  characters  from the past 50 years, 4 main character and the rest  are the chosen,
 Bad guys i picked the baisc military list and  shoved them as the  Silver Twilight, a Captain and a SGT with  6 rifle men
 The layout I picked the started sceanrio of 3  objectives to fight over, (3 young ladies)
 The silver twilight advance and find there closer than the   enemy

 The lord of light lead by Wolff race ino the town
 The Twilight get one young lady in ther clutches in the second turn and move  straight fo the next 2
 take postion to defend there prize

 The lord of light move to out flank the twilight but a rifle man has another young lady already
 shots are fired as the lord of light come into sight
 Miss Tye sword in hans runs to cut off the  escape route of the  twilight

 long range fire ensues in the town the twilights rifles make there mark
 A bloody gun battle  in the  road trying to save the young lady
 Although he was charges the silver twilight breaks free from combat with the swords woman
 The Captian grab's the final young lady while his rifle men cover him
 The  gunfight in the road ends with multiple bodies pistol and rifle fire dealing out death to both sides, a brave  gentlman  catches the young lady and  escorts her to safety
 Miss Tye  charges the  SGT who shots but misses  point blank enough to  make her miss her swep of her blade
 A brave ensign charges inot the frey as another  rifle men goes inot the melee with the lord of light  swords woman
 Pistols and blade close range leaves only the young Miss Tye standing
 The captian seeks to run for his life an officer blocking his path and the swords woman bearing down on him
 He makes a dodge and is away with his prize leaving the lord of light in control of the situation but  1 young  innocent lost
 finishing character cast
The Captain with his prize

What I learned, the rules work very well and i enjoyed the   interation and game stats  shooting is hard if you move at all a standing rifle man can pick off enemys easy, the rolls for  disengage and combat  are  good, I liked the ease of play and  the way it works as a whole. I will after this revise my character casts and  weapons etc and  maybee make my character s a bit stronger but i must say all suffered hits  but the pluck save is great...
Good game and what and more than I expected.....