Thursday 17 June 2021

War Mammoths, Pikemen, Thenn and Heroes

Added to my Song of fire and Ices armies, could not resist the 
Free Folk war Mammoths, a joy to paint and hope I did them justice

Unsulled Pikemen, great poses and  miniatures
Thenn warriors for my Free Folk, very nice pieces

Lastly Targaryen Heroes, Pynn Pree, Grey Worm, John Mormont, Xaro Xhoan,
Strong Belwas and Sir Barristan Selmy.



Friday 11 June 2021

Mother of Dragons, Cursed City and others painted up

Not posted for a time been busy with Real world, I managed to take some pictures of what I have painted in the last few months. I have also tried hard to take better pictures , above is the  Mother of Dragons from the  Fire and Ice game, I tried a new method and  enjoyed the  time painting
From Fenris games two fantasy ladies and the War Duke ltd
I received my 7TV fantasy set and this was  the free miniature so i had to paint up. very nice and the game looks wonderful
My son Steven got me the  Cursed city Vampire miniatures for my Birthday and  I took my time painting them using again a new method, there fantastic  miniatures

My other son Russell got me the skeletons from the same set loads of character and perhaps the best   of the type i have seen .
Some wood land animals , not got to be woodland animals but some thing far different. great miniatures from Wargames Foundry

Wargames Atlantic lizard men  they are  superb plastics and  make the perfect Fantasy  type