Tuesday 31 December 2013

Tarzan & Servants of Ra, IHMNgame

 The great man who is Craig Cartmell along with Charles Murton who wrote IHMN sent us all a gift of the  Tarzan company for IHMN
http://inhermajestysname.wordpress.com/ , well we had to try it out, my mate had  a x mas present of the Servants of Ra miniatures , but not painted and one mini missing from the set, (he was told a replacement sent ASAP by Northstar on his e mail, great service), we decided to use proxie miniatures  from my collection ( I do have a few), in the game i placed a  desert / arch layout, we rolled on the scenario and  breakthrough was our game , 
 some very old  terrain and bits and bobs and yes the out side bog 

 The Servants of Ra the  4 character and a guard along with alot of cultists
 Tarzan, Jane, Kerchak, tribes man cheif and some animals 3 pares 2 lions
 Tarzan hopes to block the evil cult from escaping
 Akenaton advances with his large force intent on over unning the jungle lord
 using cover and waiting his time  Tarzan sets what he hopes it a trap
 the un dead mummy staggers forward  
 Sairah moves up to  stealthy advance and slay anyone in there path her  daggers ready
 an Ape and Kerchack charge and engage the mummy and his advance guard
 a Lion charges a lone cultist  to be outnumbered by the mob
 The huge Nubian pushes the cultist forward
 an arrow  takes one out in seconds
 Tarzan has made his play
 the lion is shot point blank by a cultist pistol the  shot dropping the proud animal
 the mummy and cultist over whelm  the  giant Ape 
 a cultist charges Tarzan
  Akenaton joins the un dead in the battle with the  gorilla lord Kerchak
 the tribal chief hopes to aid the mighty beast but is soon outnumber as Sairah enters the battle
 Tarzan dispatches the evil cultist with his  knife
 in the battle at the centre the  dark powers of  Akenaton send the mighty apr to attack the   tribeman
 controled by evil the ape knocks the brave warrior to the ground
 Jane is supprised by Professor Abdul Abir and taken out by his pistol shot
 the Nubian  slays a charging Ape
 Sairah fells the  huge gorilla but he  is only  knocked out the land is  becoming a blood bath
 A lion tears open a cultist
 the combined dark powers of   Akenaton and the mummy  send the  huge  Kerchack to the  land of dust
 Evil presses on 
 Tarzan slays another cultist around him his animal friends and helpers are falling

 the tribal chief rises and  as he is about to strike
  Akenaton slays him with his blade
 a lion rushes in and follows the same fate   Akenaton is with the darkness it seems today
 Tarzan charges the Nubian as Sairah  attacks and  joins the fight
 The last Ape finds prey in the tents a lone cultist
 is  ripped apart but
  Akenaton charges and slays another of the  company of Tarzan
 most of his followers fleeing the table he  seeks death on those who oppose him
 Tarzan strikes down Sairah the Nubian flees the table  
 as Tarzan  is about to charge  Akenaton, Sairah rises and back stabs the jungle lord complete victory to  the servants of Ra the whole of Tarzans company  wiped out
Fantastic game and loads of fun, pushed the mystic powers and learned alot, the Sevants of Ra are very good,  Akenaton is powerful and combines with the mummy is hard, I had with Tarzan some  disasterious  dice rolls but thats a game. great end to the years gaming.


Thursday 26 December 2013

Painted Fantasy, Monsters , Mexicans & Masked man

 Finished off some great fantasy miniatures, I try hard with my eyes and hands these days but  think there acceptable, Avatars of war barbarian im using him as Rexor for my Conan games and other fantasy 

 Rexors brother Thorgrin lovely mini i put the hammer on his  wielded staff

 This was a must have again Avatars of war Im using as my fantasy version of Psycola

 Some wizkids  washed and based up usable for  my fantasy and IHMN
 The white Stag a Wargames Foundry miniature
 Some mexican  peons for my IHMN companys and wild west games , Wargames Foundry
lastly a must have a reaper masked hero he joins my IHMN super miniature