Wednesday 30 October 2013

IHMN The Pinkerton's, Professor and the Goose

 Played another game of In Her Majestys Name, we used 2 companys form the bonus material on the web site 
Pinkerton's Detective Agency and the Kentish men...
 Laid out my terrain with a western theme as the Pinkerton's were  a new try out and the Kentish men would fit in nice as the Professors gang

 The scenario was catch the pigeon but we used a goose in its place
 The professor ,Col. Morgan, Molly Muguire, Black jack and  7  men of Kent
 The Pinkertons Judd, Jimmy, Frank, tom horn and 8 operatives
 The goose with the message
 The Pinkerton won and moved inot he town seeking cover and  tryingto reach the goose
 Molly with 3 men  flank the   law men
 Black Jack and the Professor spot the goose
 the barn is reached by the kent men and the law  comes inot view
 Black Jack runs and grabs the goose the Professor making sure he does not eat the damm  bird
 Molly tries to  take advantage of the barn to shoot down any Pinkertons who pass bye
 Black jack turns and runs off with his prize

 Molly is jumped by the Pinkerton's
 The law men take up firing lines Tom Horn shooting from the roof top as mogan tries  in vain to hit him
 behind the barn it becomes close quarter fighting shot guns and pistols  blaze away
 Mogan  again shoots but fails to stop Horn who wil pick off the  men of kent with his skills
 the next shot delivers a man of kent to the  gates of heaven or hell
 Shot guns and pistols   fire and a Pinkerton is shot down
 The  Pinkertons behind the barn drop 2 men of Kent there skills superior
 Molly stuggles with 3 attackers she turns and runs to escape her foes
 Judd seeks to flank the professor Black  Jack is shot but does not transform the professor grabbing the running goose, Black Jack rises and charges the law men intent on becoming the monster inside him

 Molly is chased and caught in the barn
 another man of kent falls to Tom Horn

 the law men behide the barn take advantage and cut a path through the  men of kent close combat pistols make short work of them
 Molly is knocked down and the 2 law men stand ready to finish her off
 Black Jack struggles with an operative as others rush to stop the professor
 Morgan covering him the evil man dashes to the escape
 A brave man of kent tries to help the downed Molly

 But is shot by James with both barrels of his pistols

 Black jack fells a law man and look for a new target

 Bloodshead around the men of kent tries to stop the  flanking  Law men

 Molly is finaly taken out by the 2 Pinkerton's

 But too late the Professor  is victorious the Goose is how we say cooked for the Pinkerton;s
 Casulatys high on the men of Kent
The Pinkertons lost 6 men 

Wonderful compaines to try and play with and fun Black Jack never transformed hehehe, good entertainemnt as normal, both companys will be used again  thank you for posting all.

Monday 28 October 2013

New painted Amazons, IHMN & EOTD

 Shadow forge Amazons brilliant miniatures added to my  quite growing Amazon force

 Part of the empire of the dead requium kickstarter Vampire hunters
 In her Majestys name Brick lane company
Criminals Irine is superb

 Empire of the dead Vampires and  there gang members, really nice miniatures and concept