Wednesday 25 March 2015

Tekumel, Seudla and Ahoggya army

 Well there finished and a joy the mighty Serudla a description is "Huge creatures that look like dragons covered with gleaming scales. They have six legs and a pair of small arms just below their long neck and bony head. They are semi-intelligent and can be taught to use simple weapons. The Serudla can also bite or use an acid spittle. These creatures come in three sizes, the larger ones being older." Tekumel Project sent by my good friend Howard. Fantastical creatures, I have done a huge battle piece of art   involving these and some Kirtle girls for Howard which will be seen  soon?
 I had to do some eye candy pictures 

 And this is my Ahoggya army in full love them to bits

Tuesday 24 March 2015

BIF Heavy Dragoons, Tomb raiders and an Ahoggya

 More for my BIF Heavy dragoons Wargames Foundry  miniatures really  great  pieces, I wanted a toy solder look to the whole army and a few more units and commanders to follow

 More Dark Fable kickstarter tomb raiders great characters and a joy to paint
 The Dark fable Mummy with victim a must have  miniature 

An Ahoggya from the tekumel project , Howard sent me this one for a leader  to  my other  troopers love the miniatures, a bit of conversion work to make him stand out and black armour Iam happy he looks cool
I think you know these will feature in my games  to come 

Wednesday 18 March 2015

BIF Cavalry, Artillery, Infinity, Egyptian adventure and pulp girls

 More for my BIF lancers Perry miniatures lok great finished

 Artillery for the same army  very victorian

 Infinisty miniatures Combine army Doctor. Mechanic droid and 2 slave drones

 For my donny brook and black powder an artillery  team foundt miniatures
 Shield maiden from cannon fondder i think
 Dark Fable Miniatures 28mm Ancient Egyptians

pulp girls  wonderful miniatures hydra  i think

Monday 16 March 2015

ERB inspired Art

 Some More of my art ERB inspired the above is "Mahar"
 "Maid of Mars"
 "Tarzan & Jane"
"Tall Mug Patrons" inspired by my old D&D characters and fellow gamers

Tuesday 10 March 2015

British Intervention force, a tank, Bell and objective room

 Italian M13/40 tank for mu WW2 Desert Italian bolt action army Perry miniatures  range really nice model and  it  a great casting


 My British intervention force for Black Powder Perry miniatures just had to get , having played a few games of Black Powder and  enjoyed  it so much felt like old toy solders wargame so these fitted perfectly

 Infantry 19th North Yorkshire are the flags

 A nice foundry  mounted office again a must have
 Grenadier guards from Perrys


 A miniature i got from Hammer head the Die Glocke black Pyramid games, will appear in many games i have in my head.

 Micro arts objective room was a beast to  put together but is  a brilliant  finish really impressed