Thursday 18 July 2019

40K Adeptus Custodians painted

 Decided to add to my collection of the Custodians in my 30-40K army. the  miniatures are great to paint and   to me look the part abouve is the  Captain- General Trajann Valoris.
 A Shield Captain and some Wardens
  Allarus Custodians
 The  Vertus Praetors, lovely to paint and are huge things
 My assembled force so far

Saturday 13 July 2019

Legion of the Red Devastation, Pulp 7TV and others painted

 Howard of the Tekumel project sent me these , wanted the  miniatures  for a time, very inspiring even the name. Nice to paint and look great in units.

 I had to have this guy TV villain great miniture
 One of the bad guys from the same Cartoon
 Minions from the same genre great  to paint
 Part of Crooked dices Pulp miniatures KS, very nice to paint him up
 more 7TV pulp

 Objectives from the same  line

 A certain bad guy and a few friends and companions

 Black Plague Zombicide box sets painted up at last, lovely miniatures

Saturday 6 July 2019

Pulptastic 7TV day at Foundry

 Had an invite to the 7TVPulptastic Day at Wargames Foundry. I took pictures on my phone and some how a lot were not good at all. (Yes Wayne press the screen??). so her is a selection and a chance to capture the  boards and casts of the day. I would say of the highest quality and enthusiasm I have only ever seen at BOYL. Terrain and set ups were of a quality and joy to game on.

And at last i meet many gamer's  I have known other FB page, A pleasure to meet all and the new faces also, A whole load of gentlemen and   enthusiastic I ever had the pleasure to spend a days games with. Wayne and Karl and Diane  did us proud, and the creative team from Edgehill University. A pleasure to talk and discuss the game they created..

Real enjoyment and  a great days with good company, thank you all for the time...
 A selection of the pictures i took.....