Tuesday 30 September 2014

Infinity Morats, woodland Indians and others

 I got the Infinity Ices storm set last week and a few more miniatures i fancied, the  combine army Morats struck me always as great miniatures  when i revived the set and the miniatures i was more than impressed with the shear quality of the sculpts and detail,putting them together was a dream no mess no not fitting there at all, the word i will say is Quality. here are the combine army Morat Aggression force, Vangard and  Zerot Special missions Reg. I hope so far i have done the  miniatures justice in my paining skills

 Warlord games set of woodland Indian again quality miniatures really nice to add to my  force so far

 3 Oldhammer oop Citadel ladies
 repainted Heroclix  guardians of the galaxy  wonderful for the price
Donnybrook LOA mounted characters
Fireforge dismounted Mongol infantry there just mazing plastics

Sunday 28 September 2014

Fantasy Donnybrook the Convoy AAR

 Donnybrook rules for a Fantasy game, we decided to give scenario The convoy a go using Alec's 40 year old  ancient Dwarfs (most he has never even used and the rest used long ago) against my new painted British army. the rules are so flexable and easy to use it took no time to create the  army's or setting
 3 wagons must travel to an exit on the far side of the table one force  with the wagons the other to stop or destroy. Alec was the Attacker
 my table on a 4x4 cloth and set up
 The British 3 infantry drilled and 1 cavalry with characters
 Alecs Dwarfs leader on Rhino (we have no idea who made the mini) fighters cross bows mounted dwarfs on Rams and 12 Gnomes for good mesure

 The Dwarfs lay out there ambush

 first turn the little buggers cut down a tree blocking the road way

 the wagons and cavalry arrive
 the Rams  move to stop and contain the British
 infantry advance to clear the  attackers  (we have muskets )

 the Rams charge the  British cavalry and  blades clash
 Another wagon arrives but is stalled by the tree
 Musket fire takes on the  Yellow coated dwarfs
 they charge inot the battle with the Rams and Cavalry
 the Briish cav fall back but now the Dwarfs are open to the muskets
 Fire is given and the British advance

 the Gnomes eventualy advance to the  fight
 stalled the British gather and organise giving fire to the Dwarfs

 A hero tries to get his unit in to a decent places to fight but the wood is stopping it also stopping the Brits clearing the fallen tree
 british advance inot the wood in open order to flank the Dwarfs
 the Gmomes  spot this and make to  push them back
 the little buggers charge
 but are no match of the british who defeat then rout the  Gnomes
 the yellow coats then charge and rout the Brits fromthe woods
 Crossbow unit charges and figth back a british unit
 the Dwarf leader attacks the last cavalryman 
 the british muskets  tear inot the crossbow men

 the yellow coats are stuck as the british clear the fallen tree there is hope now is to destroy or capture the wagaons
 the crossbows fail to set fire to the  moving wagoans
 in a stroke of bad luck the Dwarf leader is kiled in combat
 the wagaons roll on the Dwarfs now frantic to stop them as the Brtitish advance and  fire onot the  aambushers

 the yellow coats have no luck in burning the wagaon as it passes

 the last Ram Cavalry does what he can and sets fire to the remaining wagon at least one is stopped
 but the other 2  roll on, the little legs trying to catch up
 A cavalryman  trys to protect the wagons the infantry to far behind
 a wagon stalls  and is bypassed by the second wagon victory to the brits it looks like
 the British commander sseeksto  remove the last Ram rider

then an event card  is rolled and 12 drunken Gnomes enter the table to aid the dwarfs they spot the wagoans and  set the last one on fire as the second leaves the table

The result was a draw briliant time and loads of fun the events make the game work so well and the card activation is  intense at some times . I would recommend Donnybrook to those players who want a game to use  yes Malburian ECW pirate games etc with a medium collection of miniatures but also for anything you have and want to game with,,,,