Sunday 22 May 2011

Triples 2011 show

Had another good day out in sheffield triples wargames convention,
Agreat show some nice new things to see and buy, bought a lot of
stuff I just had to have, ltd ecitions from Mc Vey and Hasslefree,
Got some great LPL minis that were unmissable to me. and finished
off some FOW units, Got a Cassino from magister and some nice
other buildings again for my FOW. All wil be painted and put on
when i eventually paint them....(me on the left my long time buddy
and other dark lord on the right)

Monday 9 May 2011

Gorean Warrior Wolff Sparta, Jerry and Miss Brunner....

Wolff Sparta Gorean warrior, made bt myself upgrade of a
character I have had since 1977......

Jerry C wonderful mini form Black cat

Miss Brunner also from Black cat

Good mini and great dog from Black Cat (obelisk?)