Monday 30 April 2018

Conan and the Slaves of Set (Battle report)

 I been for some time had aplan for a fantasy game in my head, and my collection of buildings and bits and bobs on inspection  found it could be possible. I looked at the wonderful CROM rules by the great  Matakishi and  picked 3 linked scenarios . Using the Nutron New York 3000 combat system which i was well versed i laid out my terrain gathered my forces using the scenario  suggestions.  Conan has been thrown in jail in the village of Tarmina, his companions Subotai, Red Sonja, Belit and Valeria hunt down where the sullen eyes one is and set about finding his local in the village. The followers of set use this  village to sell salves and make  there base so it has   guards and  even a priest and his followers  in the caverns below. The group arrives on market day and the guards quickly spot them
 The  Slave Market, six points must be  gathered to find where Conan is  in jail
 The village is close walled and  dangerous alleyways
 A set guard Captain  looks for trouble
 Patrols wander the streets
 Red Sonja  sneaks inot the village
 Belit slowly moving around
 Subotia makes for the center of the village as he spots some information
 Sonja gathers the first point
 Subotai gathering a second 
 Valeria  sneaks down an alleyway
 The guards  dive on Sonja  blades flashing
 Valeria is also ambushed in a tight  spot
 She felled under a hammer of blows
 Subtai is no better as a patrol goes for him near the slavers  stand
 Belit takes no chances and makes a bloody path to Sonja her  steel finding the Captain and  more guards
 Sonja makes short work of the slavers guards who dared to attack her
 Subotai slays one guard then climbs the steps firing on 2 more 
 But the guards rush and knock him down
 Belit is surrounded she  smiles and  strikes
 Sonja and Belit wipe out the remaining guards  and take all the  objectives  
 Releasing Conan and  recovering there  friends they  hear the horn sounded and  know the  priests of Set will attack  to regain the village
 they spread out and await the  followers
 Part 2 defend the village: The high priest  gathers   his snake man  a priestess and more slave guards "defilers will drown in rivers of blood"

 Each group enters the village intent on slaying the heroes
 The priestess urges her troops on
 They rush in swords ready
 The Serpent men stalk into the village
 Subotai takes deadly aim and rains arrows onto the   incoming  foes
 The priestess  is slain along with some of her troops
 Conan, Sonja and Belit stand in the center of the village bracing to await the enemy who is  coming to kill them
 as the guards charge they are meet with steel and skill and courage
 another group of serpent men  make for the  village center
 Beset by foes the heroes fight on
 Sonja charges head long into the  vile Serpent men two fall and she laughs and jumps on the slavers stand
 "who dies first!"
 Subotai  picks off the enmy one by one
 Sonja slays an over confidant Serpent man
 Valeria join the center melee fight  makes her makr on the enemy
 The serpent  of Set priest begins his incantation
 Sonja dives and take out the last of the Serpent on her flank
 Coan laughs as all around are dead foes then he hears the  incantation of the priest and
 Part 3 slay the monster:  from ages past some thing appears summoned by vile sorcery

Subotai fires volleys after volley into the creature to little effect
 Valeria  "Who want to live forever" dives and  slashes the  monstrous  thing
 Sonja joins her blade making little progress as tentacles flail and strike
 Valeria falls hit by a stunning blow from the creature Belits fury harms the beast who scream from the depths of hell at the blows inflicted
 Sonja drives her blade deep inflicting more wounds on the   in human beast
 Belit is struck down by a  mighty blow all hope seems lost, Conan  dives and his sword impales the  Priest and the creature is drawn back to where it belonged, the fight over
 "Crom I hate Sorcery" the village is saved the  slavers  dead and the evil serpent  men destroyed....
Good game  enjoyed loads of fun the linked  scenarios were   spot on. More to come!!