Monday 31 March 2014

More painted Ahoggya, Belit, Swashbuckler ladies and some Priests

 This is one of my  projects after my mate Kevin got me inspired in the story a indigo  harem miniatures assassin converted a bit and painted as the dark horse version of the Queen of the black coast (Conan will follow), great set of miniatures and they will be painted next for my IHMN SHE who must be obeyed company and fantasy  stuff
 Some old  priests i found in my loft westwind I think?
 God and heroes miniature painted  to other things in my head
 Brigade games swashbuckler ladies love the minis and wanted them along time

 More Ahoggya from the Tekumel project unarmoured and in different colour code wonderful minis

Sunday 30 March 2014

Cannon wargame show Retford

 Spent a good few hours at the Cannon war game show at Retford, in the town hall and it was  a smashing  event, enjoyed the tables and  stalls and chat, here is some pictures if i missed any please excuse me, brilliant time and  day!
 28mm WW2 battle  looked really nice and some great miniatures

 Large scale IHMN game so a few  pics I had too, was told it was part of a campaign and some  superb miniatures on view

 A bolt action game  again nice miniatures

 AWI from Newark i think  brilliant

 Hail Caesar looked good
 A 40k battle
 Tiger ships  
 WW2 desert battle FOW 
A zombie game great terrain and miniatures looked good fun also.

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Queen Victoria and the Shunting yard Debacle (IHMN AAR)

 Me and Alec between us bought  2 toy trains to use for our games and today we tested them out, using the shunting yard location and  the get them out alive scenario we set upon the game
 we laid out 2 trains and 3 moving waggon , all would be moved in the movement turn in order of rolls of a dice with the companies engaged
 a long road separated the lines and 10  civilians were places randomly

 Alec used the Scotland yard company and had a huge amount of officers

I used my Lord of light company and included the fearsome Fearfang

 Old Vic God bless her had some how got lost and was wandering the shunting yards of  tooting alone she was dangerious to the dark forces the yard had dispatched a  force to find her as quickly as possible and the Lords of light had  to find her fast before some thing really dark happened to the Queen of England
 Waggons  rolled a D6 move and the Trains a D 10

 the Lord of light enter the yard searching for her Majesty Una leading the  party on the centre
 the Yard moves en mass to find the Queen pistols and  truncheons ready

 A mobile officer spots the queen and moves in
 A weasel makes a darting target in and out of the goods and boxes
 the waggons make life difficult to spot and  see anything
 the yard splits up and  advances

 the  mobile officer takes on the  Lord of light but is no match for her blade
 Fear fang  moves fast into the Police ranks the detective his target he officer stands his ground against that  devil beast
 another officer  makes his way to the trains hoping to get the jump on the enemy
 Fear fang rips and tears In to the the officers
 just how bad the game is with moving terrain (we actually laughed so much my ribs ache)
 Dr Thanos and some chosen try to pick out targets
 the Ace in the yards company is a Sgt with a heavy machine gun  but he breaks the  thing fist time he tries it( a 1 followed by another 1 is  so funny )
 Una dispatched the bouncing officer and grabs the Queen
 the detective mounts the moving train to get  closer his mechanical dog follows

 Wolff  shoots at the advancing coppers
 Dr Thanos drops anther officer his pistol skills proving there worth
 an officer fires missed Miss Tye and hits her Majesty god bless the bustle saving her arse

 that's a hit on her Majesty not good
 Fear fang takes apart the detective he is ripped to  shreds by the  beast
 the weasel falls to the  blows of 2 officers
 a brave officer intercedes and attack  firing his revolver close range
 the Fr and Sgt  charge the  mighty  Fearfang
 Dr Thanos seeks a better advantage

 claws. teeth  and terror versus  the might of her Majesty's police force
 the  shot hits her Majesty who falls down Una spin and removes the foolish constables head for is  bravado
 grabbing the fallen Queen Una drags her to the safety of the  streets beyond and there waiting airship
 the moving trains make for great cover but  make  firring so hard
 Wolff fights off the officers felling many but is knocked done by shear numbers

 Dr Thanos is hoot atop the moving train by a carbine armed officer
the Dr and the Sgt finally subdue the  beast but Miss Tye reaches the  escape route and the   battle is over

the game end s  19 -8 to the Lords of light, extreme fun and enjoyment. the moving terrain made a great  game and was  very  good to fight on,

 newly painted Tart with a gun from the LTD IHMN series  Nick sent me one, perhaps for all my blogs or to pay me off
 Tekumel project painted the Sacrifice set and  victims on posts
 Multiple uses and great miniatures