Sunday 1 May 2022

Warlord Games Slaine "kiss my Axe" miniatures painted up

After some thought and  a push from my mate Drew. I ordered the  complete release of the new Warlord games Slaine game "Kiss my Axe", A 2000ad  game setting of the Fantasy Hero and the  myths involved. The miniatures were  what I was rely wanting and was impressed cast in this new material, they are crisp and have a charm to them. I found them easy to  stick if anything needed, and after an undercoat I set about painting them. They take contrast and my washes good, and come to life easy. I will say I was very  happy and content painting these. My poor hands and eyes were a struggle but the end results I like a lot. 
The box set heroes

Celtic heroes
The Bad guys 
Balor of the evil eye

                                                                     Drune warriors 
                                                                       Fomorian warriors
                                                                    Earth tribe warriors