Friday, 22 September 2023

7TV Dagon, Mings Army and others painted

Some fantastic stuff from Crooked dice, I decided to finish off my pulp Space collection and well a few others..

The brilliant Dagon from Crooked dice this I had to have from first seeing the miniature, lovely to paint.

Ming the merciless  troops just wonderful enemies in my games

                                                         A Cannon "a huge cannon"

                                                           More 3d prints Guyver bad guys

Friday, 15 September 2023

The Oliphants of Red Ridge and others

More 3D printed goodness from my Son Russell, Daybreak miniatures Oliphants of the Red ridge, amazing miniatures and again a joy to paint, loads of pose and attitude for a miniature, also some of the great Orcs from Daybreak, these to me are what Orcs should be a definite WOW look but there fantastic.

Along with some Papsikels Cyber punk range and Gaz miniatures cyber girls..


                                                      Day break miniatures Barbarians

Tuesday, 22 August 2023

Aliens, Monsters and heroes new

More wonderful 3D printed miniatures from Russell, loads of character and the standard is superb, used my new pad for the pictures wonder if its any better than my phone? all miniatures are Papsikels.
Bovinean scourge Omega no idea what it does.
Human resistance heroes
A skull hunter with a huge gun.
Xeno humans
Bat monsters?
large green monster?

 Vursulas Node.

Saturday, 5 August 2023

BOYL 2023 Saturday

What a wonderful day, it was raining a lot!, but the event was packed and had such a fantastic atmosphere, and to me was the 10th and best BOYL ever many new faces many old friends appeared and  joined in. the games were full, superb tables and miniatures and fun. 

We had many special guests today but one made my day, the legend that's  John Blanche came as he does but today he arrived with a box of his painted miniatures (hope some one got a picture) after  I told him he could not enter the painting competition  he vanished and i asked where "hes gone!" big Tony a said, I was lost and  looked around and there joining in a huge dark future game sat John, I have never been so infused and it was some thing I wont forget, later I asked him if he was OK he said great and loved  to be playing the game. For me this is what BOYL is people enjoying games and company of fellow enthusiasts.  I took many pictures and on view not many of the gaming tables so if i missed anyone's game forgive me.

The next pictures are the paining competition and Trish Carden joined the Judges, this year was the hardest I have seen to judge, the quality and talent was  just astonishing, I hope the pictures do some justice.

The last group of pictures are people I meet and knew and were great to chat with along with old friends.

I want to thank Mark Stevenson for his kindness in my travels and his  superb friendship and lovely family..

Be safe my friends.