Monday 28 November 2016

Burning of Prospero painted up so far

 Enjoyed painting up the superb miniatures in the new GW "Burning of Prospero "set, the detail and components are the best so far. here is the Sisters of Silence with great swords and my son commented not only for 30k-40K but would make great fantasy models for games etc. elegant miniatures with loads of style.
 The mighty Custodians huge miniatures with power and  force
 Added to my Sons of Horus army the MKIII space matines in the set , I wanted them as basic Space marines and  15 is a good number.
Size compared to a marine

Monday 21 November 2016

Blood-Maw, chaos warriors and a Nokiluka, painted up

 Treated myself and  ordered some of the  miniatures from Mierce, I wanted the huge Blood maw for a time and well he is worth it!, hulking monster  great to paint and will feature in my games.

 This one is  a gift from Dave Stone and wargames terrain workshop Nokiluka fantastic and strange enough for my worlds

 Another Mierce miniature  huge  Barbarian, also great to paint 

 Armoured chaos babe which well could not resisit she paints up great as all the line do.
 Chaos warrior type just a great miniature loads of character and attitude.

All painted using Foundry paints and some GW  enjoyable to work on

Saturday 19 November 2016

200,000 hits on this blog WOW

200,000 hits on this blog of mine,what can I say but thank you to all who view, comment and come for a look see  at my hobby and artwork. I am always astonished at the hits per day, many who come here I now know and some actually meet in  person and call friends,  thank you for  making the time and  my extremely bad spelling worth it. I hope I inspire and  also make you smile.

Be safe my friends

Friday 18 November 2016

More Crisis painted up (NSFW)

 Finished another batch of my Crisis  miniatures I acquired, here is the free LTD of Matilda excellent miniature 
 More fantastic Elladan minitures excellent fantasy types loads of character in each one
 Wonderful Crooked dice miniatures to my collection perfect sculpts and a joy to paint
 Well Brother Vinnies girls again yes naughty but  perfect miniatures he captures the weight and content of the sculpts. if these offend anyone please don't look.

 fantastic warrior from Vinnie again great pose and  finish.
 and yes I collect the weird but Annie s Guinea pigs were on my list, fun and wil be in my games
Studio miniatures horror range one I had to get

Sunday 13 November 2016

"Winter is coming"

 Elladan miniatures again with some superb character I had to share , very nice to paint and to me are  wonderful gaming pieces.

And From Annie the dice bag lady Jarl Letty, simply a must for any fantasy gamer

Saturday 12 November 2016

Crisis painted miniatures so far

 Recovering from the wonderful convention at Antwerp I set about slowly painting up my haul. all painted using mostly Foundry paints here is what so far I have managed to do
 Elladan miniatures some  undead bad guys  lovely miniatures, I have more of there range almost finished will post soon.
 Dice bag lady's fantastic  Phoolen Devil, to me a perfect miniature
 Studio miniatures wonderful Baron, Well i have to have one .

 not Crisis but Ebay buy the young Winston miniature  fromWI
 Had to paint him up first Wargames Terrain workshop Utahraptor superb 
 Not Crisis but finished off Infinity Red Veil  free miniature 
And a mounted  Infinity biker  happy with the end result he looks cool

Monday 7 November 2016

Shadowking At Crisis Antwerp 2016

 Was invited by Wargames foundry to come along to Crisis  war games convention in Antwerp, well the answer was yes, I had always so enjoyed the pictures of the displays and event on the   net so a chance to actually get a  personal experience was definite.  
 We set off on Thursday and arrived later that day  the hotel was  great and after a good nights rest. on Friday morning me and Darren from Foundry decided to go explore before going to set up later that day, the  hotel backed onto a port a small one filled with some very large and expensive craft. the  place surrounded by nice restaurants and bars. large walk ways and we knew to avoid the bike riders .

 That building is huge and is a museum, we found Antwerp  is scattered with building work and road works to the point of you are never out of eye sight of a crane or hole in the  land.

 Very cold wind  but was refreshing we set off to find  a toy solider shop

 Darren who's company over the  time and journeys I enjoyed immensely he  I think  was infected in the end by my dark humour? 
 Had to take that picture of that crane to me classic war games terrain piece.
 Street names gave us a smile, very old building we saw one that was 1468 and some new cobble streets very clean and  the population very polite when we asked for directions.
 We did  stumble upon various shops of Adult nature and I had to have this picture taken(it was actually direct across from a church?)
 The square very elegant

 One of the spires
 We located the model shop and it  was large and full , unfortunately we were running out of time to paroze longer but at least we got our goal very impressive store>
 We returned o to the hotel and set off in our van to the convention site here is the  huge docks it was situated on.

 Two huge rooms were the inside of the building

 these perhaps show the expanse

 the massive cranes running the length of the  port side

 Me and Lucy from Foundry who is a delight to be around and has a wicked sense of humour also

 As we set up other traders also laid out the wares, this traders terrain was a joy to view very  professional. 

 I wandered in my time taking pictures of the gamers setting up on friday wonderful set ups 
 I meet and Talked along time to Dave  Stone from Wargames Terrain work shop, he had set up  quickly, some fantastic miniatures and  scenery I did  buy a Dino i had to have, great  person to talk to one of many I would engage at the event

 Fantastic miniatures

 Saturday arrived after  a night of good food again, here is some of the Cast of Foundry, Diane, Marcus and Lucy, Maria and Alex were on the Warmonger side some how I never got a picture?
 I think to be honest we had the largest stand, the Antwerp Wargame club members were  so  friendly and helpful, really great people I talked as I do.  Andre and Willie to name a few.
 I took as many pictures of the display games I could and as always if i missed any please forgive me it was huge
 Stunning games and miniatures

 this one had perhaps the best water i have seen on a table it was a joy to view

 A huge one pece gaming area i talked to the builder  for a time it was just brilliant.
 beautiful wild west town

 This was an ambush of a Roman column by tribes men  so many trees and superb painted miniatures 

 large table covered in miniatures 
 this one had the Mierce miniatures and  well it was stunning to look at , very very inspiring and the quality of the work was fantastic

 So much i came home and made an order for that big guy and few more/
 thwe terrain on this was to me the best the level of detail was  the highest.

 Some fun displays who looked very popular

 Perhaps the highlight of my visit to Crisis I got to meet  one of my favourite companies sculptor from Brother Vinni, Wonderful to chat with, he to me is one of the best. (yes I did buy  more minis)
 South London warlords  brought there fantastic Hourus battle  scene just outstanding

 This looked  great all plastic foam board building I was very tempted

 a great table with everything even a mine on the game board

 We returned Sunday tired but  to myself infused by the event, Great chats with people and many new friends. 
The convention is huge laid out and has  some of the best display games i have seen , the traders had delights for all, Friendly people both  young and old, I would say to any war gamer at least once visit Crisis it is worth it. thank you to Wargames Foundry for the chance to go and great company, and to Darren who  had put up me. extremely enjoyable all round
 My Haul was  impressive ,Prospero Perrys, Dice bag lady,  Crooked Dice, Studio miniatures Wargames terrain workshop, Vinnis, Elladan miniatures, Microarts and Battlefield Accessories. enough to keep me going for a bit.