Saturday 24 September 2016

My wife's Graduation today Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Education and professional Development, very well deserved after  years of hard work, good day and nice to see all the graduates.

Thursday 22 September 2016

Heroes painted and more adventure time

I painted up my castings of my greens 1 believe will soon be available from Foundry, also created a piece of art work 
 Returned to my  Advanture time  collection Susan Ice Queen and the Lumpy space Princess
 And had to make Gunther and his homies 
With the man himself 

Saturday 10 September 2016

The men who would be kings (test game)

Osprey publishing again got me buying from there wargame series, I pre ordered this one "The men who would be kings"  Colonial Wargame rules by Daniel Mersey, I recived my cpy this week eagerly awaited and   was not disappointed at all ,  a set of rules that provides a game and entertainment and fun using  my large collection of  miniatures, the rule s are simple to remember   needing a play sheet of the stats and a basic QRS, the dice are D6 and away you go. I decided to give them a quick play test using the basic rules, and  a basic head on fight.
 My collection of British redcoats were assembled 3 units and a Gatling gun 
 My huge darkest African collection easy constructed a Native force 1 elite unit 1 musket armed and another bow armed tribes men and 2 veteran tribes men to give some back up

 Units actives each on a 2D6 dice riolls numbers of the units leaders to  be rolled, very similar to many game systems but to me  worked and was refreshing needing + modifiers to morale and the quality of the leaders randomly rolled before the game. most of the tribes men advanced easy
 the elite unit crashing into a British line  unit head on
 causing many casualty the Brisihs fell back ,(luckily not off the table )
 The Gatling gun then faced them head on actually forcing them back and only the leader remaining to be cut down with ease later on. 
 A veteran unit then  smashed onot the red lines also pushing them back

 Tribes men struck again this time hitting hard  recovering pinn markers to fight on
 the native muskets tried to rally and well they left for a better day 
 the lone  chieftain faces his end
 Chards unit decides tiffing is in order not  clashing with these Tribes men chaps
 Surviving British fight on, concentrated  gun fore makes short work of  the tribes men
 Another lone leader  faces his demise

And the end result is seen here,. 

Conclusion a very  nice game system and extremely playable, the dice rolls work, the pins and  rally's are so very important also the discipline modifiers are so important. And  my thought ? A great game recommended to any colonial or Victorian gamer with a collection, or some one wanting alternative to large scale battle army's. next time more bits of rules to add but nothing that  was not missed this time , perhaps to enhance only!. 

Friday 9 September 2016

Imperial Knight, Dark tower heroes and some cages

 Finally finished of the second  Imperial knight  from my Birthday gift set decided to paint it green , using Foundry paints and  taking some time , I totally  enjoyed painting the knights there huge things but relaxing to paint

 Dark Tower Other world  miniatures the Lions of Mitria. very nice miniatures
 had to get theses for  my many games cages from Sarrissa, they build up nice and  are very miniature friendly,  I think i will paint them ?
size compared to miniatures

Sunday 4 September 2016

Spite Reverent & Otherworld Dark tower minis

 Added some more to my collection with the spite reverent, very nice miniatures to paint 
 I put this together as a leader or character from the spares

 I had to buy the new Other world Dark tower miniatures and here are the first few  finished , old school Dungeons and Dragons vibe. Khonar the Dessenter fantastic miniature
 Ompholos the Naga
2 wonderful Carnivores Apes fantastic to add to my collection of apes