Friday 15 March 2013

MI-GO, dancing girls and slaver

 Been wanting these wonderful miniatures from Fenris games a long time perfect

 Ral Partha dancing girls

 Again Ral Parth slaver and slaves

Saturday 9 March 2013

FOW Bocage battle

 My gaming mate;s son who is also an avid FOW player  purchased some bocage hedgerows the other week from a company in the same city called "Treefella" they looked good in the box and we  had our first game using them, we were very impressed with the end result
 We had a great afternons gaming and fun, we found again that the game was totally different again as all FOW games are, the bocage makes the game faster but hell of alot more dangerious we ended in a draw and  really enjoyed it the  bocage  pieces are worth evry penny and recomended

 Finshed table

 American armoured rifles  attacking panzer grenadiers

 Engineer section the  dozer is useful here

 German  troops in position waiting on the  attack
 Scary move down a narrow lane, one hedge cutter gets bogged down

 Germans re -position to the incomming reserves

 That tank will stay ther bogged own all the whole game, it happens in FOW

 American reseves arrive en mass

 The engineers venture out and then pull back

 The Germans in place  ready to pour fire on the  attackers

 Germans try to flank the American positions

 Stuarts and priests try to break ino the German lines

 German reserves are in place

Nasty end to an armoured assult and the flack guns  shoot up the  stuarts

Wednesday 6 March 2013


Finished him at last , Red Mars Bad guy

Sunday 3 March 2013

Shoggoth & Jenny Nemo

 Always wanted this model from Tengu miniatures its a shoggoth  for my games, briliant work and piece

 This my conversion for Jenny Nemo from the LXG universe

 From the heart of Ice new  book
 Big bugger he is