Tuesday 16 January 2018

Shewolves and Sons of Horus

 My trip to Warhammer world I added to my 30k Space Marine army of the sons of Horus with some command and  Breacher squads nice to paint and will enhance my force

 I at last bought the Raging heroes She wolves box set cost a bit but always wanted these to my collection wonderful character models and  poses.

Sunday 7 January 2018

Day out, Klingons and more

 Had a great day at the Warhammer open day on Saturday as Kevin got me and Alec tickets to the event. superb venue and some great  set pieces and new miniatures on view , also the best breakfast i had ever lol. thank you Kevin
 Been very slow at painting anything last few moths so here is some pics of what I have managed to finish, nice new necromunda gangs loads of character and very good miniatures

 Some wonderful Star Trek Klingons from   Modiphius miniatures  excellent  

 My Dark Fable collection with new miniatures always a joy to paint

 2 superb characters to my collection
And as always my Heroclix re- paints just fantastic miniatures