Friday 22 November 2019

Frostgrave Perilous Dark: Writhing Fumes

Played a few games of Frostgrave and enjoyed it, got most of the supplement books and  bits, I was happy when the Perilous dark book came out as i have played a few games of the solo Rangers of Shadow deep Solo game. I decided to give the new book a try, i created my  party and  dug out my terrain and miniatures suitable for the  first scenario in the book. Writhing Fumes, The party must get to the other corner of the table and open a door to escape.
30" X 30" table set up using my GW terrain and  my latest addition to my Gala Force  9 desert  rocks and ruins.
Large Vapor snakes  on the spawn points
Huge automation guard the door
The party left to right, Chakari Ranger, Fingers the thief, Mushula the  thug, the wizard Shalla Bel, Lyra the apprentice, Rex the war hound and  Tak the Barbarian. (Dice rolls were as they fall )
The party sets up in the far corner

First move they engage a large Vapor Snake Shalla slows the entity so it stops before them
Fingers and Rex make short work of the   creature.
Shalla advances and is beset by a large and small Vapor snake
The Automatons wander  on guard.
Shalla slays the large Vapor snake and Chakari face the small one
Lyra and Rex come to there aid dispatching the  entity
More snakes  attack and a huge metal automaton charges inot the fight
Combine the party defends against all the enemy's the Automaton smashing to pieces for the blows of  Shalla and  Chakari joined by Mushula, while Tax fends off a large Snake
More small  vapor snakes appear in the spawn points
The second Automaton and large Snake wander close
Tak falls and Lyra is also downed by  a Large Snake, the party is in trouble now
Shalla and fingers are confronted by a snake they fight it off

Chakari and Mushula grab a treasure  box and  hope nothing appears
Another large snake surrounds Shalla and Fingers, he slays one and  turns to dispatch the other
Seeing the second Automation charge at them as he  destroys the Snake  Entity 
The huge metal construct swipes and  smashes into Shall she is  wounded and bloody by the blows it raises to finish her off , but she finds the weak spot and  destroys the  magic holding it together, ( she rolled a 20 to its 4)
It crumbles like the last Shalla staggering on to the door way
Joined by the rest of her party they fend of  Vapor snakes as the hope to reach the door way
Rex charges and rips apart a snake  near the door way
The party  sees the door way perhaps they will survive

Rex is charged and again destroys a small Vapor snake
But is slain by one appearing behind him.
The party  avenge there faithful hound
Shalla reaches the door and strike hard
It opens and they see the chance of escape
leaving the  temple, Victory!

After game  rolls and  treasure, Tak the Barbarian will have to heal till after the next game to return, Lyra and Rex unfortunately succumbed to there wounds and  , have to be replaced.

View: A good game the sole mechanics work  excellent and it is not easy to win this, excellent addition with loads of scope for many adventures, a good fun game...

More to come ......

Monday 18 November 2019

Barbarians , Apes and Monsters painted

 Finished off some bits and bobs to my collection the  wonderful barbarians from Elladan miniatures were a must buy. great pieces.

 Cannot resist Apes so Crooked dices 3 Apes were on the list great poses and  content
 More Crooked Dice future Barbarian and his  buddy
 Crooked Dice again a great Alien / Entity 

 From Zombicide Green horde the Magenta  Covfefe of Aargh
And  last but not least the killer bunny, fantastic miniature

Friday 1 November 2019

Terror of the Red Empire, An Astounding Tales Game

Returning to my Pulp world and i have started a serial set of games using the Wonderful Astounding Tales from Howard Whitehouse, played them many times and the perfect game system for my ideas. I have for the first episode used the Astounding adventures  scenario book and the first  part of the "White slaves of the Red Empire" wrote by Matt Kelland. The  Serial will be  of my own mad worlds and characters. Jasko Stone Fear Agent. Hero and void adventurer. 
I played the game and took pictures as always then laid out the  whole game below
 The cast good guys, left to right. Raj bodyguard and all round top fellow, Jasko Stone Fear Agent, Trent Conway Detective and Jaskos best friend and  last but not least Lucy Law Adventurer and Doctor of physics ...
The Bad guys , Turk Shambles,  nasty piece of work, Red Queen/ Psycola psychotic killer and the mighty Grunt strong man and enforcer
"La La Bucks" singer 
Episode one: 
"Bar of Doom"
 The Episode take place in the shady bar of Corpse end.
 La La is on stage singing  to the clients, 
 A full bar of ruffians and  dames.  
 Jasko and Raj watch the performance Notice Trent and Lucy also in the crowd
 Turk and Grunt wander in and see there  prize
 Grunt  not even bothering pushes his way to the stage
 He jumps and shoves the girls aside grabbing La La "You come With me  lady" La La screams and the music stops..
 Jasko in a flash  dives onto the  Stage, as Grunt looks he is meet by a punch to his jaw
 He is dropped like a tent peg, Jasko looks around and  takes LaLa hand "come with me if you want to live".
 The Bar client decide a better view of this situation?
 Trent jump on the stage assisting Jasko, What the devil is going on Jasko?"
 Jasko leads the singer off the stage, "Call for help Trent!"
 A flash and bang red garbed  figures drop from the roof and charge down the stairs
 A cowed woman screams  at the  red  Coweled attackers. "Get her you fools |
 Trent is suddenly surrounded, he dives inot the attackers
 A fist fight  starts on the stage
 La La in hand Jasko is suddenly  ambushed by 2  attackers
 Raj sees  Lucy being stalked he  charges and  blocks the path of the  red man.
 More attackers appear, shoving aside the client and making for the  fist fights
 Trent  knocks off the stage one attacker
 Spins to face the red garbed woman who seems to be in charge he grabs for her
 pulling off her hood after a struggle revealing an old foe and  dangerous individual " Psycola what the hell". Treant is stunned for a second
 Lucy and Raj scuffle as the clinet still flee the melee
 Lucy  head butts then drops on attacker charging her
 Turk swings but misses Trent "You are not wanted her Cop" Psycola  yelling, "Get the girl"
 the bar is almost empty apart for the  heroes and attackers

 Jasko punches and  fells the two attackers in a short but brutal  punch up
 As he tries to grab La La one rises and hits him head on
 Trent is not  taking this  light he bashes Turk out as Psycola smashes a bottle over his head from behind
 they struggle  on the stage
 Raj engages more Attackers he is floors another
 Trent  slaps Psycola down"Stay there you Crazy Bitch!"

 there is a green flash inside the bar and the heroes blink to find  the attackers have risen, diving merciless at the heroes

 Tow  fell the mighty Raj,
 As Jasko still stunned blows land in on the floor
 Turk smashes Trent on the back of the head, Psycola jumps off the stage grabbing La La, "get the hell out and deal with these vermin".
 Struggling she  pulls La La to the stairs.
 Lucy still standing punches an attacker but Turk  slams his shotgun stock inot her head she drops  down out..
 the Attackers smash the  alcohol barrels as the leave
 Psycola reaches the top of the Stairs escaping with her prize.
 Turk run to the top of the stairs and turns, he smiles and drops a match on the  alcohol stain floor, 'Enjoy hell", he runs out.
 The heroes all unconscious  are at the mercy of the now spredding flames
 The Bar ignites and the building is engulfed in fire
it burn  and then falls in on its self. 

Are the heroes fate to be burnt alive?
 the Villains victorious ?
the fate of poor La La unknown? 
who is behind this vile act?
Next episode soon more adventures of Jasko Stone Fear Agent.....