Thursday 4 May 2023

More Aliens and Heroes

Some more painted 3D miniatures and a nice box set from Zombiecide

Papsikels and Skull Forge designs, printed by my Son Russel, I find them all very easy to paint, using contrast and washes as the details are amazing, even with my poor eyes and hands I am satisfied with the end result.
Star Wars Pirates
Sexy space Elfs 
Armie and a female bow Predator
Two huge Omega being I will get more of these there wonderful'
The Zombicide Batman Dark metal box, I had to get it.
Some amazing miniatures from Papsikels, Independence  day  based Aliens one piece miniatures, shows what 3D printing can do in metal, resin or plastic I would dread putting them together and as a master model make , would struggle to work out how to make them to put on a mold.