Friday 22 September 2023

7TV Dagon, Mings Army and others painted

Some fantastic stuff from Crooked dice, I decided to finish off my pulp Space collection and well a few others..

The brilliant Dagon from Crooked dice this I had to have from first seeing the miniature, lovely to paint.

Ming the merciless  troops just wonderful enemies in my games

                                                         A Cannon "a huge cannon"

                                                           More 3d prints Guyver bad guys

Friday 15 September 2023

The Oliphants of Red Ridge and others

More 3D printed goodness from my Son Russell, Daybreak miniatures Oliphants of the Red ridge, amazing miniatures and again a joy to paint, loads of pose and attitude for a miniature, also some of the great Orcs from Daybreak, these to me are what Orcs should be a definite WOW look but there fantastic.

Along with some Papsikels Cyber punk range and Gaz miniatures cyber girls..


                                                      Day break miniatures Barbarians