Saturday 21 November 2015

Arthurian and Lemurians

 Had time to take some pictures of my latest painted here they are Lemurians from the wonderful Antediluvian miniatures, superb little  sculpts and for me a must buy

 Saxon miniatures Arthurian s again a must have , solid exact wargame pieces with loads of character.

Sunday 15 November 2015

My Tribe

The Yates 3 generations 

Saturday 14 November 2015

My Grand kids Today

They came to see us today Seth, Brady and Leon Yates next generation

Wednesday 11 November 2015

New painted Tarzan , Vampire, Giant, undead and Joker and crew,

 Finished off some more miniatures a great Reaper bones Giant.
 A wonderful Vampiress again from Reaper miniatures, a superb sculpt
 Forge of Ice  jungle lord and Queen , very impressive miniatures

Batman the miniatures game Joker crew and harley for my games

Wargames foundry undead , very strong miniatures

Sunday 1 November 2015

Oldhammer Night of the Living Lead Day

Had a superb day at the Oldhammer night of living lead day at Wargames Foundry, as normal I took my pens and bits and also a collection of my terrain for them to uses.

 Meet up with a very old friend Wayne England artist extraordinary and had the pleasure of him and Victoria his wife company all day, great people, Diane ,Marcus and Bryan as normal were the perfect hosts to us all. Wargames Foundry is a family  feeling when you go there.
James  asked me to draw  for him and his request was I hope filled by  a Barbarian  well endowed princess, he said next time a bigger? sister is his request, always a joy to talk and  see him and the others ,Paul, Steve. Steve, Stuart, Richard and the others

 Here is some pictures of the game they played  asI was asked as normal for pictures, I believe you will not see  such talented work and superb miniatures on  many tables elsewhere, Iam always so impressed by the level of miniatures at the events. And have to say this the  company was  of rank and a pleasure to be with the Oldhammers.