Friday 29 December 2023

Last painted 2023


So end of another years painting, did a lot this year and enjoyed immensely since I retried, Russell has kept me going with his 3D printing delivering some amazing models. Papsikels Alien Monsters and puppets of war Orc vehicles below along with some RN heroes. A joy to paint all of them, there is a cities of Sigmar army i need to take pictures when i get chance.

Be safe my friends and have a great new year....

Sunday 17 December 2023

The Terror Siege of Rig 17 (7TV game)


I got the M.A.N.T.A  Ray 5 episode guide for 7TV second edition, along with the miniatures ,so in a new Man cave I decided to give them a run out, my boxes for miniatures and terrain are far more accessible now so a quick terrain layout used my necromunda things ar a deserted Oil rig and counted out some points. the  Good guys were to stop the  Fish men for storming the Rig 4 plot points were set up and the defenders  deployed, the Nauticans would arrive in there Terror fish and by swimming to the Rig
The game used 18 script cards and 55 points per side (after i consider this too high, maybe 25-30 next time) I wanted to use a lot of miniatures so my fault..
The game was fun and the big monster  scaring poor souls off the rig, the Nauticans body armor saved them at critical points, after a huge gun battle 3 Nautican thought better and swam off leaving poor leader to shoot it out with the remaining good guys he dropped 2 but  Tempest shooting dropped him in the end so a victory to the good guys. As always fun and perhaps i learned to lower the points of each side... 
                                    Here is some pictures of the action, be safe my friends.