Wednesday 27 March 2024

Save Princess Victoria (Pulp Alley Game)

 Following Dave's wonderful fantasy U tube of a Pulp Alley game, I decided i needed a fix so ! found my favorite fantasy miniatures, and to fight them my superb Orcs 3D prints from Archvillan. I had the character cards so set up was easy , heroes and  raiders. the small village is where the Princess Victoria and her party were cut off in a huge Orc raiding force.

Wolff Blackmaine set out with a small bad to rescue the Princess, as they enter the village the Orc horde arrives. Scenario 3 "the trail of clues", I know the table was small but the action was fast and brutal.

Wolff' s party enters the village 
Wolff,Fang and Nord hear the  cries and roars of the Horde.
Ogrim second in command takes a plot point and finds Wizard Jeffry, he grabs the poor soil, one for the Orcs.
war bands scour the village
Durotain the Orc leader is in front he spots a point and charges forward.
more war band spread out
Orc archers taking cover to pick off any one in view.
Nord get to a point and rescues a lady in waiting
Durotain is lucky he pulls back a cover to revel the Princess the prize.
Fang  charges into the Orc war bands.
A brave hero charges  Durotain hoping to save the princess, he dies in a sweep of the leaders hammer.
Fang wrestles forward into the Orcs his savagery is abound.
Ogrim spots another point and dragging poor Jeffry he fights his way to open it
Wolff attack Durotain the pair battle hard
Heroes archers take down more Orc's
Wolff after 3 rounds takes out Durotain and  the princess is safe, wizard Jeffry walks forward with the final plot point "the Orc tried to hard and the lady her  finished him off.
Victory to the Heroes, as always a fun game and it creates a narrative, the heroes were hard pressed but the Orcs suffered form me giving them the Gang profile for 2 units, next time a change ,but the joy of the character cards and wonderful game systems makes it worth it....

Be safe my friends