Thursday 30 October 2014

Rescue at Dolls Drift (IHMN AAR)

 We return to IHMN again and alec brought some new additions to his  Doll army all good stuff the mission was  catch the pigion (toy santa) 
 Alec alsu brought his  Rorkes drift buildings to show me so we had to use them also. really nice more pics below
 Toy santa was in the centre of the table and our forces wanted him off there  entry point, he would move random until captured
 Complications we had roaming bands of cattle and hyenas random move and could trample your  characters

 I dug out my Golgo island miniatures and created a company Ro-man, Brazzilia, Lon chain he wolf man and Adolf the transvestite 
 Toy Santa starts in the water tower filling it up or taking a bath eaither way don't drink any of it
 The toys charge on  to get to Toy Santa fisrt
 Ro-mans group run to get best positions
 the roaming cattle
 Toy dogs advancing the Toy soilders get in the conpound

 Ro-man and Brazzilia reach the  baracade
 no idea what the hyenas are doing
 the engineer grabs toy Santa and make off with him 
 Ro0mans powers start to weave a deadlt plan he can  move any miniature after all move ment
 Adolf fires and  as normal  misfires he need a turn to reload
 the Toy dogs make a cover line 
 and the soilders prepare to fire
 the Toy Santa and the engineer wil not go where they told 
 he is pushed to the baracade as fire opens up on Ro-mans group
 a brave toy dog charges the vampire wrestler who is aided by a fearsom Zorgol
 the rocket man takes aim to blow  the enemy to bits but succeeds in only blasting the poor pouch to  small furry pieces leaving the vamp[ire and monster un scathed
 Lon tries to out flank but is trampled by cattle 
 Adolf  repairs his weapon but is shot down by a toy soilder
 a Zolgol is the first death shoot by a Toy soilder
 Brazzilia takes on the toys face to face
 Ro-man tries to  use his powers to  more effect
 gun fire erupst again and the  evil space monster is felled by a lucky shot

 Brazzilia is killed by the bayonet of a toy soilder
 Lon faces a heard of enemy's
 the enginner makes it out of the conpound but still is not getting anywhere near the  escape point with toy santa
 the rocket man is  ripped up by a zorgol
 bayonets and claws clash as another monster falls
 Adolf rises only to be shot down again

 the toys  defeat another Zorgol
 R-man charges inot to finish at close  the enemy toys

 Adolf is taken out at last by dogs and  steel
 the 2 leaders clash

 the enginner runs away fromtoy santa to help his company  he fights a Zorgol in hand to hand slaying it, the game is in the balance
 Toy santa now moving on his own runs off the table shouting "NO PRESENTS FOR ANY OF YOU LOT "  the fame ends with no victor as the  prize ran off the table , loads of fun and so much laughing again....
 Alec's buildings from the Rorkes drift Zulu wars set from Warlord
 Wonderful buildings and so good to use and  really sturdy...