Wednesday 31 December 2014

More art and War of the worlds pictures

 Finished another piece of art an thought I would share the pictures I took for the War of the worlds ,  
  Have a happy new year to all and be safe and look after each other

Sunday 28 December 2014

Wolf moon art

Had for the last few week extremely bad flu and virus , today i re-worked a very old comic page of mine and thought id share

Saturday 13 December 2014

Pulp Alley 1st game

 Well I was so inspired by the AARs of the Pup Alley games  on the LAF and there forum I had to have a go I got the pdfs of the 2 first books and read and read and looked. so today o gave it aplay test using the Solo rules and ideas  and some of my vast pulp/fantasy collection Dr Zytra ,Psycola, Roman 2  maya and 4 zombies
 lords of light Wolff. Una  Dr Thanos, fear fang the lion and a Badger, I slowly set up and made the plot points and perils (used Zorgals at perils. the scenario was Death trap so Wolff was  in one corner surrounded by enemy nd his company rushed to his rescue
 Dr Zytra and his cronies corned the hero
 Alone he  does not care as he  trusts in his skills and  honour
 the compny rush to his aid making progress in the ruined city
 basic board layout used the Mars attack simple simple and  brilliant
 A winged Maya  dives and  engeages the Hero
 the Zombies shamble off to block the  path of his rescurers (I forgot they only could walk?)
 Pycola goes after them  wanting to pick them off one  by one
 Una stalks the ruins careful of the Zorgals
 Roman take a plot point after 2 attempts (I think i got it right)
 Wolff doges the first Maya but another  dives and   they scuffle
 the Hero batters the winged devil sending it to where it belong
 Dr Thanos shoots down the advancing Zombies but  one  gets to claw and teeth range ( there tough as hell)
 Ro-an eventualy gains the point
 Psycola takes another point after a peril fight
 DR Zytra  take another easy his evil is abound

another falls in his clutches

 Ro-man and psycola  charge Wolff and all hell breaks loose
 Dr Zytra  takes out Fearfang in a single  fight
 Wolff smmahes Ro-man donw as he fends off Psycolas blows
 Una fighting a zombie is jumped by Zytra she manages to dodge and  parry the  blows
 Psycola  and wolf battle it out blows and stikes are blocked and wounds ignored

 At last Dr thanos  destroys the lone zombie and seeks to aid Unas fight against Zytra
 the mastermind is out numbered as Una destroys the zombie
 the Badger  ensures Ro-man will not rise again this day
Wolff and  Psycola still battle on as the game ends, after a count up it was a Draw.

Very impressed and was more than i expected form the game it plays fast and is  easy to pick up the combat system, the cards well I need more practice , the plot points are great perhaps make my won rewards ? , the  profile  stats are  great and thwe wounds and flow of the whole game is very enjoyable. 

I did  as i said use the solo play rules  and they worked fine, me and alec will give this a go as i know we like fun and enjoyment and no book keeping. more will be played and  shown I know. Great game and i recomend to anyone with a collection of miniatures they just want to game with it will work for anything i think, well done Dave and co, and all those AARS i also say go find them and look worth it

Friday 12 December 2014

Thanos, Shadow Elves & pulp posters

 Knight models Thanos Marvel Masterlord Villain one of my great favourites so had to get the miniature, great  sculpt and he wil be in my games
 Raging heroes  Vestals I pondered the skin colour for a very long time, I have 30 more coming  from Avatars of war
 Im reading and getting into Pulp Alley skirmish game and dug out 2 pictures I did long ago, there is a few more when i search my hard drives im sure

Saturday 6 December 2014

Chakari & Bo-Bo , lady and Italian colonials

 Alec s fault I returned to World of Warcraft and resurrected my old characters, so I made them for my games here is Chakari the Elven hunter and Bo-Bo her pet, enjoying so far the latest expansion, lots of fun
 Based on a Dreamblade miniature 
 bushido miniature with a few conversions
 Found her on the Northstar site nice strong miniature
For my bolt Action Italians colonial trops from an idea off the facebook page, perry miniatures plastic zouaves

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Captain Flashheart messing about on the River

 Well today we used the  paddle steamer and wanted to give it a go in our IHMN Alec brought his brits lead by the  honourable Capitan Flashheart and the Serpent pirate queen was again his  foe she was on the tigress and he was on the armed gunboat HMS Victoria 
 The Qeen of the serpents with a large number of her pirate crew captain and sorcerer  make to do battle with the British
 Captain flashheart  his  company and the ships Crew with captian Eddie H on the wheel armed to the teeth seeking revenge for last times carbuncle "All right men, let's do-oo-oo it"
 Able seam men man the guns  as the company make ready for action on the water
 did not have a suitable cloth as we played on a 6 x 4 so it was muddy river time

complications we had crocs and some surprises later on planned
 the Queens ship arrives with her sea serpent pet 
 a gun blast the first shot slays captain Chin
 gunfire from the  steamer rakes the  tigress slaying more
 the 2 vessles try to out manover each other
 the sorceroe falls to a gun shot dead as a door nail
 now the complications arrive dreaded shark men infested waters woken by the gun fore rise to the surface to attack anyone and anything

 a shark man attacks the Victoria intent on a meal
 he rises and climbs on board  attacking the fron gun crew as solders rush to fight it off
 a seaman is shoved over board as he dives out the way of the sharkman the crocs wake up!
 a huge second sharkman attacks the tigress  musket fire having no effect at all
 teeth and bayonet  scuffle on the deck

 the pitates face the huge monster who sweeps the   lot of them back in his wake
 2 pirates are slaughtered  in econds by the hulking monster 
 Capitan Flashheart  attacks with his sable and slays the beast " Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a minute. Now I may be packing the kind of tackle that you'd normally expect to find swinging about between the hindlegs of a Grand National winner, but I'm not totally stupid. I've got the kind of feeling you'd rather we hadn't come."
 the Victoria trys to get closer to the tigress seeing the battle on the deck they let the shark take care of the pirates for now
 a croc awaits any scraps left if possible
 the last musket man manages to kill the monster after 3 of his conpainons are killed
 the crew of the tigress hide in cover and draw closer to the Victoria seeking the advantage of numbers
 they dash up from the decks below to  charge and board the British ship
 the tigress slams inot the gunboat and they jump
 a pirate is the first now it will come to steel
 the gun boat draws away but  3 make it on board "repel boarders" Eddie shouts
 the other pirates get ready when close
 Flashheart takes them on face to face, pistol and sabre in hand "Enter the man who has no underwear. Ask me why. ? Because the pants haven't been built yet that'll take the job on! "
 her crew now on the gunboat the Queen seeks to  follow 
 bloody hand to hand fighting now  begins  swords and bayonets and pistols all clashing
 the Crocs lide off away  no takeaways today  for them
 the action now  stale mates and the combatants try to out man the other 
 a stray shot fells the Queen still on the Tigress 
 RSM Boradge  bayonets his way past the pirates 
 numbers of boarders start to fall and British take the upper hand
 Flashheart slays the last pirate with his sablre and victory is his
 he boards the tigress to capture the Queen of the Serpents " Right! Let's dig out your best booze and talk about me till the cows come home"! 
Victory " I like it firm and fruity. Am I pleased to see you or did I just put a canoe in my pocket? Down, boy, down."

Great game took some getting used to the ship movement but  as always IHMN is great , really enjoyed, (I hope the quotes did not offend anyone)