Thursday 16 June 2016

Silver Tower and others painted up

 My eldest son Steven gave me the new GW Silver tower as a Birthday gift, so here are the first  miniatures painted up, there perhaps the best detail i have ever seen on a plastic miniature and are amazing to  fit  and glue. Also painted are some rouge miniatures and a Darksword lady that I had to buy.

Sunday 5 June 2016

Jungle girls art of mine

 I have  been on my manga studio working with new pens and ideas and  here are a few of my pieces, I thought I would share

Saturday 4 June 2016

New painted June

 Well I finished off some purchases from the Partizan show at Newark last month abouve are some wonderful miniatures from the Dice bag lady just great miniatures
 These are fighting fungi from Gesha games range, a must for me to get great characterful ministures
 More fighting fungi so original miniatures to add to my collection
 Crooked dice plastons were on my list and will feature in a game i have in my head, solid great miniatures
 A GW Dune crawler for my 30k army's, very impressive piece

 Nore Crooked dice i belive not shown on my blog Freedom fighters great  miniatures to paint
 Federation bad guys again from Crooked dice
This is a free ltd Druze hacker from the infinity worlds free with the human sphere book
Lastly  a Kastalan robot battle squad, I just love the miniatures and were a joy to paint

Friday 3 June 2016

Allan Quartermain at the Earths core part 2, Secret of the Mayhars

 Continue our Allan Quartermain at the Earths core IHMN games we moved on to part 2. Queen La had secured allan in the last game and now puts her plans for him inot use, she knows the dreaded Mayhars secret  is located in the most dangerous place in  Pellucider a long over run temple, using her charms and chance of  riches beyond she enlists Allan with some of his men and Professor Perry to   rob the temple and steal the powerful  orb of the Mayhars, the party are well armed and feel superior to the jungles and  its monsters.
Unknown the Prussian Princess Augusta has been seduced by two  temporal agents Capitan Una Pearson and DR Catherine Cornelius into  making an airship  expedition to the  Hollow earth via the North pole entrance and  acquire the  Mayhars orb for her own purpose. her heavy armed Valkyries  as guard they land and  seek the temple...

WE laid out the  scenery using Alec ancient  temple he brought over and  set out that once the party's enter the table the guardian Sagoths would arrive to kill them without question, and once the orb is found the Mayhars themselves would  enter the table. 6 counters were places 3 dummy one of the  none dummy on a roll of 5-6 would be the orb the other 2 giving victory points of 20 the orb 30
 Allan, Queen La Perry one of her guards a captain and ships crew
 Princess Augusta, Capitan Una Pearson, DR Catherine Cornelius and the Valkyries
 Queen La and her company enter and make for the complex
 Augusta party gives cover as they spot the temple
 the ships crew  fan out to make use of the cover and terrain
 Queen La spots a high entry point and with her body guard scrambles to the top
 from the jungles the Sagoths appear sniffing the air weapons ready
 Augusta company reach the temple with no apparent  foes or monsters
 "Kill anyone in your path my Valkyries 
 La struggles and tries again to reach the top
 the crew stand as they hear something
 A Valkyrie enters the gloom of the ancient temple
 Allan spots a lumbering dinosaur  and fires
 the shot knocks the mighty beast  out and a cheer erupts from his party 
 More Sagoths appear they will be merciless to any intruders
 The  beast men  make to the temple
 Queen La now inside  her luck is to locate the orb  on her second  search of the  items 
 Princess Augusta surveys the temple "search and find the Artefact"
 The ships crew seek entrace to the  temple
  a crew man spot shots at a  women inside alerting his companions
 the rest also now spy the advancing Sagoths 
 A lone the guardian  open fire on a movement 
 Slaying a Sagoth
 the other rush into the temple snarls and weapons ready
 all hell breaks loose as the large party of beast man charge the ships crew as the  fallen Dinosaur rises and  attacks  a crew man

 he fores to no effect as the huge monster  fights him
 Out side the temple Valkyrie looks around hearing the gunshots  she looks up in an instant as a terrifying Mahyar attack her, they know the orb is in the hands of an outsider
 Queen La makes her exit from the temple as voices and gun fire erupts around her
 Captain Pearson rushes the  temple and spots La above, Mauser Drawn she  will get that orb.
 Princess Augusta commands her Valkyries to hold and defend as she also draws her pistol and  follows the Capitan to the higher levels
 Allan and Perry lok around and spot huge shaodws moving towards them.
 Allan give the order to open fire at the shadows
 "Were British you can scare us" shouts Perry!
 The ships captain faces off against a Sagoth
 the poor ships crewman is ripped apart by the Dinosaur 

 The Sagoth  charge towards the Temple
 Allan's party is assaulted by the mighty minster men
 Perry fends one off with his trusty umbrella "Shoo shoo you hairy devil"
 Captain Pearson is furious as she sees La jump down  pistol  blazing she follows, shouting to her companions to follow her 
 More Sagoths appear
 Augusta  looks up and shouts to Dr Cornelius to follow her up and her  Valkyries to hold firm
 La struggles in the dense jungles holding her prize tight
 The ships crew start to  fell the Sagoths but more keep coming

 Perry makes a break but runs straight into a Sagoth
 Allen fends off the  Sagoths seeing the beasts fall around him
 The Sagoth chieftain arrives 
 Queen La ducks and sneaks towards her escape
 Dr Catherine Cornelius  struggles in the upper temple level
 Princess august climbs after one of her  troopers
 Out side the ships crew battle on against the Sagoths  who are relentless
 the ships Capitan shoots one down as another  smashes a crew man into the ground
 As Capitan Pearson goes to the ledge a Mayhar strikes she  calmly shoots the  flying lizard man dead and  spies the Queen in the jungle
 the ships crew breath a  earned rest as the last Sagoth they fought is  dropped in his tracks
 A poor Valkyrie is grabbed by a Sagoth her screams  echo the lost temple
 A flight of Mayhars arrive commanding the Sagoths to slay all
 they charge into the temple
 Capitan Pearson drops and shoots dead a crew man  perusing the Queen, she will not stop
 the ships crew fire on the  Sagiths  who charge inot the Temple

 Perry who knocked out his opponent  aids a crew man who is faltering they both  fell the beast man
 Princess Augusta faces off against a Mayhar , coldly she shoots him dead, "we shoot birds for sport in Prusssa"
 Capitan Pearson charges the ships crew her blade dispatching one and her Mauser shooting down another as they see the mad woman charging the crew counter charge her, tying to stop her onslaught
 Catherine  shouts at her lover to wait  firing down on the crewmen
 a crewman falls Allen's men are falling alarming around him to there Amazons from hell
 in the Darkness the Sagoths  spot the Valkyrie and  charge
 inside the  poor woman are no match for the  terrors of Pelluciar 
 More beast men join the slaughter
 Catherine is  jumped by a Mahar she shots it down intent on following Captain Pearson
 Allan commands his men to gather and  re group as the battle is far from over he belives
 Mighty beasts wander sniffing the air 
 Queen La in the confusion makes it off into the jungle and her escape Allan and his men have served there purpose and she has the prize
 "make for the  boats men" Allan shouts and fires dropping a winged men

 Dr Cornelius  shots down the Atlantian guard  who was about to follow his queen she spies Pearson fighting off 3 crewmen
 A valiant Valkyrie shoots dead a Sagoth in the darkness
 Only as her victory is taken but the claws of a Mayhar who  slays her
 out side the Valkyrie are engaged by the winged Mayhars who rip and rend there  comrades
 another terror as a dinosaur commended by the Mahars carges inot the  poor women
 Inside the  massacre continues  as Sagoth and Mahar slaughter the last  few Valkyries 
 Capitan Pearson fends off the shops crew her sabre  taking the head of one 


 Allan has had enough of the insane woman with that sabre and pistol he  takes aim and fires dropping the heroic  Captain, "should never give a woman any sort of weapon there dangerous enough"
 The Mayhars and Sagoths feast on the remains of the fallen Valkyries in the temple
 Allan sees the Dr turn the corner "not  another bloody woman"
 he shoots her dead
 the sagoths commanded  guard the last treasure

 the reaming Valkyries  outside fate is sealed as Dinosaur Sagoth finish them off

Allan hears voices and waits rifle ready
 Princess Augusta with a single Valkyrie approaches hands up"we need you to help us escape  and your a gentlemen I believe Mr Quartermaine?" Perry shouts that the Queen as done a runner and the crew gather,Allan  and the princess agree. escaping into the jungle with the remains of his party intent of finding Queen La and the orb, "Do you come her often Princess?
Big game loads of fun IHMN is just brilliant for us and  we enjoyed so much , and I will say again it created a story in the game itself....