Thursday 16 August 2018

Noggin, Moon Mouse and Nighthaunts painted

 My good friend Dave Wood sent me some castings one of a piece or art work I did for him regrading his wonderful Noggin the Nog miniatures line, along with the Moon mouse, And i at last got to finish them off, lovely miniatures loads of character

 The Souls wars  other Army is the Nighthaunts I finished these at last  they do lok great when  done even to my poor standard of painting these days nice miniatures loads of character for undead

Sunday 5 August 2018

Bring Out your Lead BOYL 2018

The assembled

Well I had an amazing 2 days again in the company of the Oldhammers of BOYL at Wargames foundry in Newark. Diane ensured I got there on Friday, the meeting was  outstanding event for the  Oldhammers and visitors alike. In good company most of the time with Bryan Ansell and the  great Dave Wood among a multitude of others who came to chat. Again a superb venue and layout Diane and crew laid on food and drinks all day. I would say the attendance was  double last years  event at least. many new faces and people from all over the world attended and enjoyed the experience.
the pictures of the even are  in some order this time ...
 Many tables of gamers who showed some fantastic terrain and miniatures  ion both days was a joy to wander and view, her is a selection 

 A laserburn game  was so great to see  as i worked on them so many years ago and see it played and enjoyed today

 One of the 3 huge games  Helsreach by Curtis and gangs  totally  over the top incredible  game i took as many pictures as i could and  hope I at least captured a few of the  massive amount of detail and miniatures on view that were played with over the event..

 Now another the shrine of Rigg game Steve  and many more played this on and with Harry and Paul to mention only a few   was a joy as always at BOYL  to look and watch. I took as many pictures as I could, it is hard to show the  fantastic setup in pictures 

Mark of Asgard fame  brought us a selection of his  miniatures to show the  gamers and visitors alike, he is also a great chap to talk to. 
 My friend and event man Garth showed me a Kevin Adams convert of one of my miniatures  he had done last year, Brilliant
 The man himself
 Drew Dave Williams who is from the USA along with his lovely wife Shakya was sculpting and  chatting , a nice chap to talk to  and he is a very good  sculptor  
 We had the joy of the  master thats   John Blanche visit and wander and chat here with Drew, he is to i would say all there the Legend he is,  and very nice to talk to
 The painting competition as always is  what i would say ta visual of some of the best painted minis ever, this year was no exception , i have the hard task along with Garth and James judging these, congrats to all the winners.

 Diane , Maria, Marcus and Garth with me , they work so hard all of them and  do look after me so well.
 The  man him self Geoff Solomon-Sims he kindly gave me a copy of his rules Factious Waste that feature some of my art 

 Harry whos   talent, skill and enthusiasm is  put into the games 
 Maria who as always looks  after  me so well she never stops  working 
 Drew Dave Williams  grat character I showed him some very old concepts we found and was amazed they are not miniatures
 The  Garth who  is great fun to be around we did laugh  alot about certain issues...
 Paul who is  a joy to chat with and his collection is  amazing

 Wayne form Wargames illustrated  came to report on the event and we chatted  about al things BOYL he did an interview with me  on the   convention

As always i was given loads of things.

I have to thank Diane. Bryan, Marcus, Lucy, Maria and crew and all for the days spent there . and all the old hammers new and old and visitors i talked to made me very  happy thank you all