Sunday 28 June 2015

Akhenaton and the Devil at Noon (IHMN AAR)

 Well we returned to  the game of IHMN, as  me and Alec do like a good fight, Alec brought his  Akhenaton company out for a time and i wanted to use my  dead mans hand bushwhackers so it was western town lay out and  fight to the death both side  intending to wipe each other out over perhaps who was the most evil  guy alive
 My town layout added with bystanders and a few animals for collateral damage

 and the lady in the bath

 the dreaded Burns gang Arthur, Charly and his mob of dark vile  villans
 Akhenaton, Sairah the grudging mummy and alot of cultists, he intends to over power the  rivals
 Arthur send out his men to encircle the   cult and shoot them down like the dogs they are
 right flank 2 desperado's
 Akhenaton slowly moves forward in cover his men in his wake
 declines and offer from Trixie, "later my dear if your still alive"
 Arthur sets his trap of  rifles 
 the cult moves on  looking for enemy's
 Sairah moving like the wind engages a gang men
 Charley and Jacko take up places to cross fire the cultists

 a short gun fight and the bodies start to fall
 Akhenaton joins Sairah but is felled by the  gang man (roll 2 your out)
 Sairah dispatches the man in seconds for his  act
 using the alleyways they pres on to out number the  villains
 Jacko shoots down like  fish in a barrel
 cultist fall from the murderous gunfire
 Charley and Queen move in to finish off any left
 Sairah waits in hiding to strike as Akhenaton rises back into play
 blades and pistols  a savage fight  begins

 Arthur after a struggle shoots down the mummy
 Saiah kills Queenie 
 A cultist  tries to make out with some show girls
 the mummy rises to Arthur dismay as he  drops a charging cultist
 this time he make no  play and blows it heads off "rise up now you un-dead  bast**d"
 Sairah cuts down Charley and Akhenaton delivers the killing blow

 Arthur charges but  is no match for the master of evil he is killed by the  mystical blade, then 
 Two bob shoots  him down , 

  as Jacko advances Sairah charges him and slices down the  marksman
 she jumps and  delivers the final  as he master rises again 
 Two bob is  no match for her deadly blades
last 2 standing victory to   Akhenaton , close run thing loads of fun as always a joy to use them again...(no animals or girls were harmed in this game, 22 killed all told)

Saturday 27 June 2015

Antediluvian miniatures, Victorian heroes painted

 Well i had to buy these wonders from Antediluvian miniatures, perhaps a star cast for my games, nice miniatures with loads of character...

Tuesday 23 June 2015

Conan and the Temple of Death (AAR )

Between the times  when the oceans drank Atlantis and rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an age undreamed of, onto this Conan destined to wear the jewelled Crown of Aquilonia  upon his troubled brow, It is i his chronicler , who alone can tell you of his saga  let me tell you of the days of high adventure..............
 The Bashasa  dark master of the temple of death deep within the hills of Vanaheim,  his lair full with dread secrets and pain has  been left to his own devices. A master summoner of the  old gods and creatures from beyond, violator and cruel he thinks he is invulnerable, that is about to all change.....
 laid out my table as normal and  used the wonderful chain mail bikini supplement for Astounding  tales by Howard Whitehouse, I wanted to  give my miniatures a breath. 

 Captain Conan and  his Buccaneers are  seconded by the  princess  Chabela  to stop her evil Sister Morita who has  stolen the map to the temple of death and its prizes, aided also by the witch  Edwina, they sail to the coast line hoping to reach before  Mortia arrives via her land locked path
 Mortia has  seduced the  wizard Kolos who has dreamed of the treasures and now having the loaction   heads  into the hills  where the temple resides. along the way he  makes a pact with he barbarian half men of the mountains there leader Bragg is offered power and  death if he aids the pair, and as all bad guys he cannot resist.
 Bragg splits his tribes men and  enters the long mazes  to the temple he  arrives first and smiles at his  path to power almost complete
 a band of tribes men find there way in. (I split the party's into groups each activated as the cards fell)
 First mate Juma  and some  sea dogs arrive
 Conan enters the  temple of Death searching for his  foes.
 Bashasa  senses the intruders and has plans he  call on a guardian  to his defence  hoping it will destroy all as before who dared to enter his temple
 A mighty horror enters the real world, huge and  horrific to view.
 the tribes men fear Bragg more than the creature and  attack throwing spears to no effect as they rush the monster
 Chabela following close behind Cocnan enters the temple
 catching up she is  in awe of the  temple of death
 Bragg screams his war cry and charges the  monster as his  tribes men strike and   attack also
 The mighty beast slashes and rends as the tribes men fight with all there worth
 more tribes men appear  after   travelling the long maze in the mountains
 another party arrives and sees Conan yelling and screaming they charge the barbarian
 Conan is fast he  counter charges and smashes into them head long steel and flint and bone  are locked in combat  
 Juma charges the  new party of tribes men his huge frame wreaking havoc amongst them
 Edwina at last finds the temple and utters incantation to stop more horrors appearing
 Buccaneers  against  primate savage tribes men and ferocious battle in the temple of Death
 Conan makes  short work of the tribes men his strength and courage  is  beyond them they fall like  trees before him.
 Mortia has stealthy entered the temple and with a deadly blow  slays the dark summoner
 More sea dogs arrive and the floor is laid with the dead and fallen on both sides

 Bragg  his mighty frame and  savagery is no match  for the beast, he is crushed and  slain by the  horror 

 Princess Chabela is confronted by   Kolos the wizard who is about to destroy her with his dark sorcery , but  finds the mighty barbarian  behind him with a sweep of his sword  Conan ends the evil ones plans
 Mortia sees he ally slain she  is beset by a the beast, she is now enraged and her deadly  blades rip into the battered creature
 it falls and she  delivers a final death blow to the horror.
 Juma struggles into the frey to confront the   deadly  woman, hoping to gain honour to his captian
 the last of the tribes men fall to the buccaneers 
 Mortia slays Juma as Conan and Chabela arrive blooded and   torn she looks to both 
 asking Conan to join her and slay her sister she  tries to seduce the barbarian
 he grin then knocks her  to the ground, he has enough sorcery and death today , Chabela takes her sister  prisoner and the temple is looted of its gold and treasures, Conan and his buccaneers have paid for there  services and  perhaps Conan will get some extras from the delighted princess .......
Great game  as always astounding tales works for  me so well enjoyable and fun, I cannot recommend enough...