Tuesday 29 July 2014

Pirates, Cthulhu monsters & the Master of Mankind

 Finished these off and thought Id share , abouve is a great mini I have wanted for a time Scibor miniatures
 Fenris games wonderful Cthulhu wars range Gnoph Keh (no its not a penguin)
 Flying Polyp
 wonderful mini of a Serpentman
 Black Scorpion Pirate im using her for my undead pirates  taken from the Queens blade Liliana
 Pirate Assassin
 more pirates
 female pirates
 great pirate Captain
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Sunday 27 July 2014

Painted July, Zoats Undead pirates and more

 July almost over so here is my work up to date, my good friend Dave Wood sent me this brilliant mini for my collection an OOP Zoat from citadel miniatures will be in my games very soon

 BlackScorpion Undead Pirates for many games great miniatures and Im working on the pirate queen now to lead them

 Malufex snake monster  brilliant
 Another gift this time from Drew Wood a great  eastern Zombie Deamon
 Dark fable  Egyptian monster
 Warmachine   Goreshade the bastard, well you have to have one

 Ok naughty girls Vinnis miniatures Fighting nun
 Elven  sword maiden
 Merc captian 
 Prisoners of war
slave girl

Saturday 19 July 2014

Song of shadows and Dust 2 games, and painted stuff

Had a great days gaming today 2 games of song of shadows and dust an extension to song of blades and heroes system. It is played in the ancient streets and city's of the old world or any world really, and involves  groups and factions fighting each other in the streets, the rules are  easy and  we found made a great game and time, fast and very enjoyable. Alec laidd out the table and the mule and the civilians who all have a part in the game play
The first Alec brought his Gladiators who were all fighters and some excellent in skills you don't get many for 300 pts lead by the mighty Doctore
I ran a street gang basic Viper the   leader and 2  helpers and some back up, the mission was  keeping the kings peace 
Alecs  gladiators move into  take on the street gang
the street gang move in to face the  men of the Doctore
the streets make movement slow but  one hasto be aware always in SSD

the gangs seek to get the advantage

A gladiator runs past the bad  tempered mule who kicks him to the ground 
the stret gang rush to finish off the fallen gladiator
Musula attempts to finish the fallen one off, as anothe rgladiator runs to help his fallen comrade
he is felled and the fallen gladiator is slain
the fallen one tries to rise but now faces 2 opponents

Doctare and Saxa charge the lone Chkari
the fight still continues round the mule

Doctare fells Viper and continues to push his  skills on Chakari
Saxa returns and  tries to help

a lone ggladiator is killed by 2 street gangers
Saxa fells Mushula and  doctare contines to try and finsih off viper
finally slays the leader of the street gang
he then again takes on Chakari
she retreats with the reaming gang and  hopes to  flank the huge gladiator
charging he slays her in a long duel of sword against sword  
Alec snatched the victory from the jaws of defeat heheh brilliant fun and a very close thing the mule played a great  combatant and interlude in the game
the next game we decide up the points and i wanted to use my Conan gang with Valeria and beilt at a distraction and Subotai, along with 7 gang members
Alec had a huge leader and  almost all his crew 
the  scenario was theft with 3 objectives only one holding the treasure on Conan s side of the table
Conans forces make there  defence plans
Alecs men  take the streets to there own

splinting up in groups hope to out class Conan s gang
there groups slowly try to flank and take out one by one

the street gangs draw the gladiators in 
one is caught by 2 and a fight starts but
a distracting beauty starts to  make things  worse for the gladiators 
the fight in the centre becomes a brawl of steel and  skin
the 3 character rush to   outnumber the Gladiators
on the right flank the gladiators engage the street gang
Conan kills a gladiator
as Valeria stops another one dead in his tracks
in the centre one street gang is slain by 2 gladiators as there leader is killed outright by Subotais bow
the right flank the gladiators slaughter the 3 street gang in a single round of blood and sand
they then make for the objectives the first one is a empty box but the second
is the treasure but Valeria  stops there path
Aided by Conan the final gladiator is killed and victory to Conans gang.

Brilliant fun and game and time  really enjoyed this rule  set and made great cinematic feel and  worth to the  game
Some more painted stuff
Warlord games line breaker minis
Judge dread Zombie queen
Wargames Foundry new Victorian  males
Warlord games Japanese gun for my bolt action
more warlord line beakers
Black Scorpion wild west heroine
Dark fable Egyptian court minis
these are from my IHMN walkers  GW Centurion
and more wargames Foundry  Egyptian court  set