Friday 28 December 2012

The Day of the Kurii (THW swrodplay game )

Been a long time Two Hour Wargame gamer , Ed i have known for along time and worked with him on 5150 and other  games he made, so i decided to use his Swordplay rules for my Gor  games, and here is the first one, The Alien Kurii have a taste for beautiful females and a dispicable caln had sent them an offering to ensure the monsters leave there land and people alone.
Wolff and his brother Thanos learn of this and  rush to stop the  young girls being the Aliens pets and food.....

Used my skirnish board and  rolled the set up as per the rules layout. it was the raid scenario, and i rolled up the sides that were in the end evenly matched

The objective was the captives left by the Bad Tovislanders

Wolff and Thanos along with Una and Fear fang the moor hound and 6 warriors arrive on the section

The dreaded Kurii are in the far corner behinde the woods

The Bad Tovislanders learn of the rescue andcome to try stop there  prize to the aliens. there in the opposite cornerto the  rescue party


Fear fang runs  off a head as the party moves off the hill

the part splits in half as una leads  4 warriors to head off the Torvislanders

Rolling an insight test the  game is on

the rolls make the 2 sides clash

the kurii roll and split in 2 also one going left one right

Blades clash and  the melee is even matched

The Kurii have a sight check and chage at Fear fang who knows he cannot fight 3 Kurii alone and  dashes back to his master

The  melee goes bad as una is kncked down and her men fall around her

The Kurii charge ino the heroes

Wolff is knocked down and Thanos faces the second group who also charge in , Fearfang is knocked out the game

Una rises and parry and defends

Odin shines as wolff also rises and fells a huge alien in a single sweep of his death dealers

Una face 4 torvislanders alone but her skills out match there  low values and  minds

The 2 brothers face the mighty Kurii and stand there ground, blades and fur clash

Una gets the upper hand and laughs as she  charges the Torvislanders
who turn tail and run back to there homes

Thanos face the lead Kurii and goes down out of the game the huge Northman is knocked out

Wolff faces the leader the last  2 standing in the bloody mess of the North land

The beast though powerful is no match for the  Warmaster, he delivers the final blow

The captives are rescued, and returned to there familys
Gear Game and fun , the reaction system and game  rules work as they always have. really enjoyed it and used my minis  at last....

Thursday 27 December 2012

African Death Cult

A Engel  great  modeller on the Lead adventure forum his Death Cult miniatures, it inspired me to make my own.

Perry sudan tribes men, GW  undead heads and a zombie  lady from WF

Wednesday 26 December 2012

Kirk the Viking, Pony Girls & the Wolfman

Finished my Miniatures at last i had on my bench for a week. Xmas time and work desolves my intent as i belive is does us all...
Some lovley miniatures the viking is Gripping beast  ltd edition had to buy him, wonderful work and pose  outstanding miniature, the pony grls are from slap miniatures had to buy them thye will fit in my pulp and fantasy games and look like the beast  wmen/ men from  killian s ERB strip, the kind guy also sent me a wolfman he is a great piece of work.

Monday 24 December 2012

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays and good new year to all , be safe  my friends

Saturday 8 December 2012

Some more Art work



Seoni & Meri

Sunday 2 December 2012

Pathfinder, Kurii of Gor and Fantasy miniatures

Finished some more Pathfinder minis from Reaper,
wonderful figures of the characters

Some more Reaper for my  Fantasy collection

These are from the Hordes  sets but make excellent Kurii for my Gor games

Huge wolflike aliens who fight the priest kings

My Fantasy/ comic/art characters

Pathfinder heroes