Sunday 22 February 2015

Barbarians & Dejah Thoris artwork

Dejah Thoris and the white apes of mars

John Carter 1970s

My take on John Carter, based on those fantastic ERB  movies from the 1970s

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Flashheart and the Martians (IHMN AAR)

 OK back to IHMN, using the  war of the worlds lists in  WSS we had an afternoons entertainment, Alec brought Captain Flashheart and his  men to the game to face not the  tentacle Martians from the  HG Wells books but the  skull faced  insane killers from Mars Attacks, all hell was about to clash.
 Professor Tablets experimental  saucer has crashed in the  ruin zone and  he needs to be rescued before the Tripods arrive and vaporise the little  bugger,  Captain Flashheart  volunteers to go get the "little guy out of the pickle he is in" Expecting  slimy  flesh tentacled Martians he has no idea the   mad buggers also from Mars have been watching the war and now want the  Professor and his ideas
 the crashed saucer holding up the Professor till help arrives , bystanders / survivors roam the ruins  also more deadly dangers 
 Lady Felicity also graces the ruins content in her bath oblivious to the carnage around her

 the scene is set both sides must try to get the Professor off there table entry point
 Complications ? well we got burning cows and huge  bug who move random and anyone in 3" must roll a pluck of fall to the ground till recovered roll is made
 General Zar and his troopers 2 armed with sonic cannons the rest heat guns plan to outnumber and steal the Prize maybe get a peek at the woman in the bath also
 Captain Flashheart and his men Dr Eddie and Engineer Ruffles
 the Brits move in to take positions and get ready to give the enemy a damn good thrashing

 Zar spans out his man to flank the evenly and surround the saucer
 Well there  dirty little buggers and cannot resist and  human female

 The British take up firing positions  
 Flanking Martians  hope to over run the enemy easy
 Sonic cannons ready as there alien eyes spot the  prize
 then a huge  bug dashes past scattering the   Martins  in  all directions
 Flash make ready revolver and sabre in hand "don't shoot till you see the whites of there eyes or  whatever sticks its ugly face out there"
 the left flank Zar moves his troops in a plan to  show his fire power off
 the right flank move on stopping  to view  Lady Felicity "can; resist can they?)
 the centre  Martians charge forward  heat rifles firing into the British positions
 hand to hand take place (Human to Martian)
 Flashes  men fire is ineffectual to the Martians body armour
 Zars  group move into firing range
 SGT Borrage is struck down by the sonic cannon
 in return gun fire  slays a Martian
 a bayonet fight ends with a broken bayonet (bad rolls make this game so much fun)
 the flaming cows charge around  felling humans and Martins alike
 "Up and at them lads, last one in is a sissy" Flashheart charges the  Close  Martians pistol and sabre  cutting down the Green clad  aliens
 a lone trooper is outnumbered and  ripped to shreds by the Aliens
 another  tussles with an alien
 Sgt Borrage is hit again and  turned to mush by the alien weapon
 the rocket gun is ineffectual so Ruffles charges into the saucer to get the Professor
 massed melee erupts around bayonets and  alien knives hack and slash
 the sonic canons victims mount
 out numbered the  British start to fall under the  Alien wave
 Flash finds himself hard pressed by the green  monsters  Sabre  slashing but  not effecting the Aliens armour
 another trooper is slaughtered in seconds by the Martians

 the troopers fall around  all seems lost
 the flaming cows scatter the  melees and give a respite rest to Flash
 he is knocked out in the commotion is all now ended for the Brits
 as a Martian charges Dr Eddies  service revolver dispatches him in an instant
 Ruffles is  grabbed by a Martian to stop him escaping with the professor
 Flash rises his revolver  fails he faces more Martins his mane bravely fighting now for there very souls
 the flanking Martian meet up they now surround and block any exit the  plan is complete the humans will all die
 Ruffles smashes the Martin down and grabs the Professor
 Flash is surrounded all his men dead around him "right its  gloves off time you  ugly  bllighters"
Dr Eddie and ruffles are jumped by the  flanking Martins  
 a brutal fight  but they still outnumber the  two man
 Flash faces  certain doom the the bug returns scattering all
 a lone Martian stand only to find Flashes sabre in his  chest, he then runs to the aid of the Dr and Ruffles
 straight into  4 Martians "Bugger me"
 Dr Eddie tries but falls under the  Martian  horde Ruffles also falls  as a Martin grabs the proffessor away
 Alone Flash heart faces  the Martians he  shouts "God save the Queen" and charges in  revolver blazing away

 Zar now recovered joins in what will be the Earthmen  death
 Professor Tablet is escorted away the Martins victory is almost complete
 his confidence his demise and Zar  is  struck down by Flash heart who then slays the other 2 Martians
 his pistol dispatches a third who was  dragging off the professor he then grabs and runs for his escape perused by 2 martins intent on  stopping the lone earthmen

 Flash  turns and with pistol and Sable drops both of them "Take that and  don't come back to  alien B*****ds, come on Prof the drinks are on me" victory to Flasheart  
What a game madness I know Martians . flying saucers  heat rays sonic cannons,  Flaming cows , giant bugs and a lady in a tin bath. 
We both enjoyed and laughed so much again IHMN is brilliant afternoons entertainment, and Flashheart  is a true hero he lasted alone against 7 Martians in the end and  won the  game.

As always dedicated to the late great Rik Mayall,