Thursday 30 August 2012

WW2 Wonder Woman

Got this Brilliant mini and just finished painting her, great

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Dead & Alive

old piece of art i just colored

Tuesday 28 August 2012

A bit more ART work

My week off so I did a few pictures today

Monday 27 August 2012

FOW General Patton

My wargame buddy Alec who has a huge American FOW army
and you see his miniatures on here, came for a game today
and showed me his Patton miniatures miniature i had to show
Briliant paint work and great mini....

Sunday 12 August 2012

Art work Warlord of Mars

Spent along time on thought and the wonderful work of James Killian Spratt art work and his superb rendition of the Princess of Mars novel. here my art work as a tribute to the great man

Thursday 9 August 2012

Gaslight :Dr Who, Dalek invasion Earth 1890

Inspired by the great movie The Dalek Invasion of Earth
on TV the other day I decided my Gaslight needed a DR Who game,
Cast is the Dr, Susan Mary and John.
The Daleks have taken over an underground wharehouse and
plan to detonate a time bomb under the city, with the help of
human mastermind Dr Smith, Mary is captured while
scouting the complex, the military arrive and Dr leads them in
4 groups inot the underground to stop the Daleks.

The Daleks and Dr Smith

I used the gaslight battles activation, so only 1 group would
enter at a random area per turn till all were on the table,
2 squads partoling Daleks would enter on a roll of 5-6

The Evil plan is ready and Mary can witness the end of time

The Dr's group arrive to face to face a barrage of deadly
Dalek fire cutting down 3 soilders in seconds...

Lt Cain arrives and decides the alien firepower is too much
for him he runs off, white feathers will be sent to such a cad.

The Daleks pour more fire into the Dr's group

He turns to se the terrified soilders run for ther lives, he
shrugs and make a plan

he spots a Dalek generator and makes his way under fire from
his deadly enemies

Johns group arives and give fire, the Dr has coated the bullets
with adamite so they can affect the metal monsters.

The Dr locates the device and tinkers with it

Patrol Daleks arrive to strenghten the defences all is now lost?

Johns grup comes under attack

Susan and the guards arrive behind the Dr who has now
altered the device to giive a massive discharge out, hoping to stop at
least a few Daleks with ther own technology
More Daleks arrive and surround Johns group ther deadly
beams cutting into the men
The Dr's device blows one Dalek to bits
The Daleks turn to face and new threat
Johns group holds it ground and return fire
the cross fire of the guards of Susans group and John's destroys
3 of the Daleks
Holding ground the metal terrors fire back

The guards fix bayonets and charge inot the Daleks who are
over run by the ferocity of the Queens finest
The battle is joined by Johns men who grapple and melee the
metal monsters
The leader Dalek is outnumbered he cannot win
Dr Smith plans his escape from this carnage
The last Dalek is beaten down by the Guards
The Dr finds Mary and grabbing her hand runs from the

Victory to the sons of the Empire and the time lord
Dr Smith is taken to the tower for judgment John and the
Dr and conpanions slip away in the confusion.
Enjoyed the game and it played well, minitature Crooked dice,
Ironclad, old Black tree, Perrys Daleks the great ones off the comic..

Monday 6 August 2012

Tantor, Croc's & TLS

Got this wonderful miniature for Tantor Tarzans friend
in my Gaslight games, Steve Barber miniatures, brilliant!

Got 2 crocs also there lolvey suclpts and minis, should make
for fun in any game.. also Steve Barber
New TLS from CD modles a must have models, wonderful
work by Ian