Monday 22 February 2016

MalifauX, Infinity biker & old monster of mine

 Finished off more MalifuX sets and thought I would share this is the Smoke and Mirrors set and a pack of the Coryphee dancers lovely miniatures and fun to paint (pain to stick together though)

 Another set I wanted is the Leveticus set wonderful concepts and very nice miniatures with loads of character

 A monster from Malifaux the Blessed of December
 another part of my Infinity Ariadna  force the Maverick scout biker girl I enjoyed painting this alot 

 Lastly something I had  completely forgotten I made long ago on my shelves tucked at the back. will make and appearance in my games soon!

Saturday 20 February 2016

Vampirella and the space Zombies (7TV2 AAR)

 We played our second game of 7TV2 today and both enjoyed it alot, fsat tactical and  above all else fun.
The scenario I wanted to use miniatures not seen for a time and a big hammer film  geek I used the  idea from the never made Vampirella movie. I constructed the casts and Alec  was eager to play the  count down cards make a huge game changer, the plot points are so important. we followed the  game creation and  here is goes.................

The dreaded Strato Zombies from Mars have landed there saucer  in the  English countryside, they then set a  interplanetary beam to  get reinforcements    setting loose a Martian  monster plant to clear the surroundings they set about there plans to launch a nuclear missile at Mars and  displace the planet inot our orbit causing untold destruction on earth,.
Marlax the leader has a taste for young girls  and send the plant monster who acquires the poor things, using  image collars the invaders steal a missile and ready there plans..

But the "Space operatives for defence and security" SODS are onto there plans, Sir alec knight  in charge he uses the beautiful  Vampirella to  infiltrate the  camp and learn the plans aided by Perry her friend and Tweedy, after  locating the Martians camp. Sir Alec plans a full scale attack!

The sods using night as cover sneak  to the outskirts of the camp and  prepare for  the battle of earth.

 my layout
 The missile, plot points were used but we had 5 points to disable the missile and the  teliporter, and the maguffin gave D6 plot points and 3 gadget cards once  found.

 The Strato Zombies Marlax, a robot  servant , plant monster and a squad of Zombie troopers armed with ray guns
 The SODs Sir Alec,  Vampirella, Perry, Tweedy, dependable  deputy Captain Smith, and a platoon of armed Soldiers 
 the  Martian are alerted and  rush to defend there camp confidant on the  superior technology and the  force of the plant monster

 Sir Alec lays in wait to cut then down then charge the camp like a true  gentleman would
 the platoon ready s there weapons  unknown to the terrors to  come
 the Zombies  take the left side firing into nothing
 Sir Alec give the command to "open fire !"
 SMGs  and SLRS blaze into the advancing aliens
 a zombie is shoot down
 more fall to the concentrated fire power of the Earth soldiers

 they then cover each other and move to the camp
 the corporal has never seen anything like it
 the robot advance  bullets having no effect on the advancing terror
 Sir Alec gives the command to advance into the camp seeking to wreak it as quickly as possible, planting remote  TNT on the way.
 a vile zombie  fires his ray gun
 poor Perry falls knocked out
 another fires at Vampirella
 who take the shot and realises her position  is a bit too open, she falls back to Capitan Smith for aid
 bullets  bounce of the metal man as he still advances
 the men advance under  covering fire
 another Zombie falls then the plant monster arrives

 Tweedy takes a shot and he is felled by the alien guns

 the soldiers fire point black then use grenades on the monster that seems  invulnerable
 Vampirella is safe and recovers fast, Sir Alec  take aim and  fires at the  huge monster he knows will slaughter his troopers

 Grenades and bullets still do not stop it
 Captain Smith fire but to to effect, is the creature  never going to fall.
 Concentrated grenades and bullets burst and  blow, but it does not fall then Sir Alec empties his trusty revolver into the monster and finally it
 falls  at last the main threat is  stopped

 the robot  advance and almost reaches the corporal who SMG has no effect on the metal man

 Vampirella steps in and using her skills and a wonderful gadget disables the metal  Martian 

 then throws the used device felling another  Zombie,  "so glad she is on our side"says the corporal
 the Zombie start to lay down fire on the soldiers
 some fall to well aimed fire from the rifles
 Captain Smith does his bit with his pistol and the foul invaders
 As Vampirella and the corporal deactivate the missile and take Alien devices , suddenly the plant monster appears behind the  Corporal and Vampirells some how revived it thrashes its tentacles
 Marlax now shows his hand firing as Vampirella charges him the  plant monster rips apart the poor corporal

 As Vampirella charge her blow s fall short and weakened by the shots Marlax  knocks her to the ground"you will be my bride Vampirella!"he turns around to see..
 Sir Alec who has wreaked the  alien devices   again empty is trusty revolver at the pant monster felling the giant again
Marlax seeing his plans fail runs into the saucer and lifts off as sir Alec revives Vampirella and the  few reaming troopers he winks at her  and presses a remote  pad the saucer  explodes high in the  sky, with cheers and celebration the  Earth is safe again "till next time"

We learned alot and  forgot a few things on the way but  really enjoyed the game, very good and  the ease of  designing casts makes the game  brilliant, good solid rules  and  it just works!!!