Wednesday 22 May 2024

“Power over spice is power over all.” OPR Grimdark Battle


Had a Grimdark One page Rules, using the lists of BobafettlG88 for my Dune collection. Standard game 4 objectives, the Harkonnens with some imperial help, facing the Freeman, who could be scouts or ambushes, this proved to be interesting game wise and ensured the right feel, the Harkonnens and Imperial moved to the objectives and the Freemen struck for the scout, hand to hand combat was fierce and fatal, the turns progressed and the ambushes struck combating the large enemy forces, this was a bloody encounter and the casualty's were high. By turn 4 the end the Harkonnens held 2 objectives and the freemen only 1, a good result, balanced sides and was great fun.

Friday 17 May 2024

BLAME manga, characters


Not took any pictures of late of my painting, these I thought I would show, 3D prints of Characters from Papsikels of the Blame Manga, very inspiring and used  a very old technique, which I believe works?.
Also 4 Eve Stella blade characters again from Papsikels..
                                                    Killy, Cibo and Dhomochevsky. 
                                                     Silicon Life, Maeve, Ivy and Sanakan
                                                                            Group shot
                                                                   Eve stellar blade