Tuesday 29 April 2014

11 questions part 2

Ok second part

1. Sci-fi or fantasy? Ancient or Modern warfare? And why?
Me anything, some times the stranger the better actually, Fantasy  is a hold Victorian  fantasy is my now  games and worlds but I love anything.

2 did you first get into the miniature/war-gaming hobby?
Airfix plastics ACW gun crew fisrt set ever seen, my mate had a birthday present of some painted Airfix FFL after that I was hooked

3. What's the latest hobby-related book you've read?
Reaper Dave Wood sent me a copy

4. What's your latest game you've played (tabletop/boardgame)?
In her Majestys name fantastic game and  real fun and enjoyment

5. Would you say you are more a collector, painter or gamer and why?
All 3 I would class as

6. Who is your favourite miniature sculptor? 
My favourite Mark Copplestone always perfect wish he would make a lot more stuff actually

7. Who is your favourite rule-book/source-book - illustrator/artist and/or writer?
Frank Frazetta, he is  the man!

8. Who is your all time favourite miniatures producing company? 
9. What's you favourite miniatures game/rule producer?
Osprey to be honest there new wargame rules are superb

10. What's your dearest item in you collection - and why?
My hand made stuff

11. What recent hobby purchase do you most regret (if any)?
Flames of war bought too much and got realy pissed at there marketing

Monday 28 April 2014

Now for the 11 questions from Clam.............

Dave Wood http://deartonyblair.blogspot.co.uk/ put my name to his  sheet so here is my 11 questions

·        You are marooned on a desert island with a large set of paints and brushes but only 1 miniature.....which miniature would you choose?
a Copplestone foundry Revernet Elf

2. On that desert island you later discover a shop...they happen to sell one hobby accessory..which one?
Decent  tape measure

3. Said shop is run by a hobby related individual, past or present. Who are they?
Peter Gilder

4. You have been rescued by Superman and brought back home. Your entire collection has been sold by family / friends / the taxman etc. You still have your paints.....what is the first figure you will buy?
Some thing by Steve Saleh

5. If you could have any past miniature range in its entirety, which would it be?
Valley of the 4 winds Minifigs

6. A miniatures manufacturer you don't think should have ever existed.....
I would never comment on anyone talent or trying hard

7. Your likeness in miniature - sculpted by whom and in what clothing?
Steve Saleh me as a Viking Warlord

8. A complete range sculpted by your favorite sculptor? Choose the range and sculptor....
Jez Goodwin naked Amazons on the moon army

9. You get the chance to interview anyone for your blog. Who do you choose....living or dead but hobby related and must be different to number 3 above....you may wish to change that answer...
The man Don Featherstone
10. You are elected head of Games Workshop by shareholders tired of the current board.....what is your next move?
Find all the old molds and cast again in metal all the old stuff  and  sell space marines in 30s for under a £10
11. The Grim Reaper finally comes to you in your dotage and says you are to be resurrected. Choose a year and country / region in which to be reborn. Sorry, but you don't get to choose who you will be though, that's in the lap of the Gods......
One life times enough, thank you

Saturday 26 April 2014

Wargames week

Ok over the last few months I have bought read and been inspired by many rule sets some I had for years some I bought and read and never tried or gamed, after a long time painting my miniatures and still reading and been inspired I planned a war-game week where I would clear the table and play test some rule sets I had.
I had enough miniatures for anything and wanted to test the rules, after a week I have taken a lot of pictures and will give my write up and thoughts.
My good friend Dave Wood surprised me by sending me a copy of the old table top games Reaper rules 1978 I did some of the art work and was  chuffed to  see and hold a copy in my hands again, lying out my skirmish table I dropped  2 sides off wrote down the stats and  played, (we actually used this as our huge battle fantasy games we held at our club  back then , everyone brought whatever and  joined in, wonderful times).
The game my barbarian raiding force took on some savage Picts lay out and played to the death, the games stats and ideas are old calculation and some thought is needed but at the end I smiled because it gave a result, not fluid but a result. Over all was a fun game with the feel of a battle, will try again with my war-game mate some time later.

A Fist of Kung Fu
Ospreys rule set wrote by the great Andrea Sfiligoi of Song of Blades and Heroes fame, a complete and wonderful book , once read it makes you want to play, laid out a small terrain and the objective was to turn off the bomb, used a proxies Demon  company against a combination force I  put together.
The activation sequence I knew and the tests to some degree the new combat results I had a cheat sheet ready and would read and digest anything I remembered or what came up in the game.
The game is fast and involves you in the action, the reaction of the main character to opponents fails makes for a good sense of the games genre, the combatants hit shot and sliced each other to an end result the Deamons being wiped out. I must say very enjoyable and got my mind on other companies and thoughts…

Song of Blades and Heroes
I think I own most of the supplements and other world to this series and have played it a few times this time serious read and absorb and take in time, 2 300 point companies fighting to get an object/prize and take off table. The system uses all activation dice and these give actions, 2 fails the turn moves to the opponent.
The forces were  good vs. evil if that can be in my universes, 300 points aside and played  superb, enjoyable the forces of good just winning as the evil guys who were slaying all around failed some rolls and  then decided best thing to watch on TV. Great game and this will be used in coming months as me and my mate’s weekly games.

Bolt Action
Bought this when it first came out Warlord games battle rules had a long good read again and   opened up my box of Very British Civil war mines, spent a short time deciding what was what and laid out the table and rolled the scenario, it was to destroy each other’s command.
The game uses activation dice drawn from a bag these are placed on the unit and the order is shown. Both sides started and I was presently surprised how easy the game worked, once in range or sight they opened up on each other, the firing and combat result method is very easy and to me works extremely well. The Royalist won in the end over whelming the rebels, I found it involved you in the game and situations were made and places fought over. I would say a strong stable game rule set, I will try again I do have the bridge set with some Germans and paras Ill paint up)

Flashing blades
This is another Song of blades and heroes set using the 1500-1700 worlds, I wanted to try the difference to SOBH, my collection of swashbucklers came out against a party of an evil with taken from the SOBH Arthur Merlin book. The scenario was to kill the witch who had some fearsome bodyguards, the game played like the system with fun and chance and some great results the new special rules for the book added to the games mechanics and fun. The result was a hero locked in battle managed to slay the witch only after knocking her down. Great rules and SOBH to me is one of the best I have ever played in my gaming life time...

End thoughts
Enjoyed the week and  infused me to paint  some  more of the lead pile and look to what I wanted next, SOBH system  stood out as a playable great game, Bolt Action for me is excellent rules and will  make me think on  other  projects…

These are only my thoughts and mind on the rules; I have been war gaming for very very long time and think we are now blessed like many say with great rules and terrain along with stunning miniatures from people…..