Wednesday 17 February 2021

Star Wars, Zombiecide and a Giant

Was impressed by the quality of the 3D prints of Ebay, decided to add to my collection, very impressive stuff.. 

Zombiecide  Invader special ops and a big monster

Zombiecide Green horde un-dead giant


Thursday 11 February 2021

"Kill all Humans" 7TV report

I long had the wonderful Talos and Titan miniatures and awaited the  game cards for them, Crooked dice  at long last sent us the  Argonauts program guide , I  set about in my head a game using these miniatures and some of the great new ones  that came with the new guide,. long time later I set out my table and  laid out the miniatures for the game.... 
Plot:  the quiet village of Bowson is discovered to be abandoned every one  vanished leaving only there clothes and belongings? , Department X arrives and  Dr Hugo Solomon uses his exception mind to deduce that it is a form of energy that can emulsify human matter, the weapon was one of the dreaded DR Argos experiment that never came into being?. there are reports of giants in the countryside missing electrical equipment and many scientific scholars vanishing also. his team Pandora, Kate and  her friend Chuck investigate, 

They discover a deserted tomb deep under  London with  a missing huge occupant? Hugo find evidence of Argos work there and set about  following its trail, his team discover the the  huge Talos has risen in another  shell and is set about his masters old plans, the mighty  being has  constructed an emitter that is capable of sending the deadly wave to all  the United kingdom, it will kill everyone. They locate him in a disused Scrap yard out of town.

Hugo sneaks into the  scrap yard the base of Talos operations along with Pandora, Kate and chuck along with  DeptX troopers arrive to storm the complex.. 

Dept X cast
Talos cast they are randomly deployed guarding the   device
5 plot points and the central one is the device to stop the bomb, Two must be collected before  setting  the device to overload and  fail. 
Talos computes Hugo and his team will attack them he commands "Kill all Humans"
Hugo has sneaked to a rampart and  decides to make his appearance distracting some of the guards
Mother board streaks out for the titans to crush anyone,
The timer is set and Doomsday is approaching
plot points on the high tower
Dept X troopers  enter the compound weapons ready
Hugo uses his grapple gun and slides over about Mother board and two Titans, "excuse me could you direct me to the nearest wine store old girl ?"
Mother board turns "Kill him kill him now!"
The two titans climb the  tower "Kill all Humans"
A Fembot opens fire killing a trooper in a hail of machine gun fire
Medusa glides to the bomb "Protect, Protect"

As the two Titans  prepare to smash Hugo to a pulp, he smiles and  clicks a device they both are stunned and fall from the tower, smashing bits off there bodies, "Not today old chaps"
"I say you did make a mess down there"
He with flair and finesse slides down off the tower and rips out the fallen Titans processor., "what a nasty thing you was" 
Pandora  sees Mother board escape the falling Titans and takes aim and shoots her down.
the vile robot smashes to the ground
Chuck climbs the far tower and takes the plot point
Hugo looks up to see Talos before him , "Die Human!"
A Titan charges at the troopers one is slain instantly
The Fembots open fire on Chuck
He dodges and weaves then punches one of the Fembots head clean off.
As Talos swipes , Hugo produces a  capture bubble that envelopes the giant and sends him off over the scrap years away for Hugo. "Off you go  old chap"
Talos lands and rises "Kill all Humans."
Pandora dodges the laser from Medusa hoping to get close
The  Robot strikes and swipes at her she dodges and hits hard 
Another Titan charges the Dept X troopers it rips two of the poor souls apart and faces the commander
Chuck is surrounded by Fembots

On the far side a brave trooper fends off the Titan. smashing  off  parts
Chuck is suddenly beside Pandora (countdown card swap )
He rushes the device and starts work to overload it
The commander fires point blank at the Titan who just ignores the bullets and advances
A huge fist ends his life
The remaining  trooper with Kate opens fire on the giant

Chuck comes to the rescue and with a pen Gun drops the Titan
Kate spots Fembots approaching she  shouts for the Trooper to fire on them
one Fembot explodes as bullets find there mark.

the last titan spots Pandora he mercilessly staggers forward, her bullets bouncing off his golden Armour.
Talos  confronts Hugo again, "You die human this time"
Pandora fends and punches the titan his blows missing her body
Chuck and Kate join the fight, the Titan is over run
Hugo side steps Talos blows with charm like a dancer performing an act, "you relay are a bore Talos"
A laser beam punches a hole in the last DeptX trooper. Medusa glides over to the device
The mighty Talos swipes and finds air as Hugo swerves and  rolls  to avoid the monster he strikes hard  each blow wreaking the  frame
Kate  pulls out a bunch of wires and the Titan falls disabled
A laser beam  passes Pandora's head she spins and shoots the  weapon off the floating robot
Chuck charges and smashes the  face plate of the evil machine it falls helpless on the ground in a heap of metal
Talos is weakening as Hugo , rips off another component

only one countdown card left 
Hugo shouts for his team to help and finish off the giant, they rush and from behind Kate rams a screwdriver into his working, the mighty monster falls "Ki.....LLxxxx A......Humazzzzzzzzzzzzz"

Hugo is victorious, the country saved and the Evil threat of the metal monsters over.
"Well  time for  a bath ,massage and  some fine Red wine Pandora?"

As they wander off , Mother boards eyes light up.......................................

Great fun, the titans  save helps them alot, there fearsome in hand to hand, loved the Gadget cards in this one,. was worth the wait.

Be safe my friends...