Thursday 24 October 2019

Massive Darkness, Pulp Space and Blood Queen

Slowly going through the vast amount of  game miniatures in my collection to paint,Massive Darkness game has some amazing miniatures here are a few painted up so far.

Cold war miniatures do some great pulp SF miniatures and could not resist these.

Ans last the Blood Queen from Mantic games Hell boy game astonishing miniature....

Thursday 17 October 2019

HATE Completed and Mother Prophecy

Has a good day as I finished off my HATE KS and the Mother Prophecy Box set, very enjoyable to paint and Iam happy with the end results.
 The Twins, that is one big model

 The Mother wonderful miniature
 Flaya the Scourge amazing miniature.
 The Moon Champion

 OK this is basically for me I put the whole sets out and thought well pictures speak a thousand words. Awesome  miniatures.

Saturday 12 October 2019

More HATE box set finished painted

Took time but eventually finished off all the miniatures in the HATE box set, I m impressed by the end result and hope I did them justice, some fantastic miniatures for my games and  table top,
 BUL'GAR Tribe
UM'CAL Tribe
 Spore Child
WORM the Hero
 BUL\GAR Prince
 MAW Horror from the Ashes
 TUN"DOR The Shamed
 CHAR The Vengeful
 UM'GRA Prince
 TRULL the Flesh Storm
RASU"MAAR The Out Cast

Mother Prophecy next