Monday 21 February 2022

Galactic Heroes Star Wars blow up the satellite


Planned a few games this week as Im off work, so some play tests , then I wanted to use my Star wars legion collection. I like very much Galactic Heroes from Wiley Games using the fist full of Lead rules, a card activation  game, with loads of possibilities. So I selected the  take down the force field  scenario but instead of forest I wanted to use my Necromunda market terrain. The Rebels need get a bomb to the  Imperial side and blow up the satellite. Princess her Wookie body guard a place guard and two
 Rebel troopers, face five  Imperial Storm Troopers.
One leader 3 troopers and a heavy weapon.
The object at the end of the market stalls and clutter.
The rebels set up on the far side, and advanced as the Storm troopers  made for cover and better positions,  blaster fire around as the Rebels advanced making to cover 

The imperials take a defense around the  control pad
The princess flanks the left side
The bomb team
The heavy weapon trooper charges and is forced back from melee and cut down dead by rebel fire
The huge Wookie advances blasting around, a fire fight ensues and the troopers fall back.
A charge and the rebels make the  objective, but the princess is wounded.
But once panted and activated the mission is a success.

A lot more action and fights, wounds and shaken counters than posted and loads of fun, the rules as always work, I enjoyed using my collection and more to come  I think?.

Monday 7 February 2022

Dune miniatures and others painted

My very good Friend James printed me some not/Sardaukar, wanted these since I first saw them on the net, he did an outstanding job, like them and a joy to paint..
                                 Some Crooked dice miniatures  I had to get fish folk characters
                                                                      Invader specialists
                                                               Hero and heroine
                                                          More pictures of my prints