Saturday 29 February 2020

The Targaryen Starter Set for the A Song of Ice and Fire: painted up

 The Fire and ice miniatures game to me has some of the very best miniatures I have ever seen in a game, the Targaryen starter set was a must for me to get, the Miniatures are superb as i expected, a joy to paint and  to add to my collection. I think i did them Justice.?

Sunday 16 February 2020

Dark Day of the Destructo Ray part 1 (Fist full of Lead game)

I have played a few games of the wonderful Fist full of Lead skirmish game, and wanting to  dive deeper I got the Dark Day of the Destructo ray Scenario booklet  for  Galactic heroes.Part one is called Crash landing and involves two parties searching for Princess Layalla and other  objectives amidst the ruin of a down space craft.
 Laid out my table, smaller then recommended but fine for me.
 Hero cast Galactic rangers, I wanted to use my collection of Masters of the Universe miniatures, Hero/leader He-Man, Specialist Teela, Regular  Man at arms  and 2 Grunt squads of Etarnian guard.
Bad guys Leader Evil Lyn, specialist Beastman, 2 Regular Horde troopers and a Shadow beast grunt squad
 The game is card driven and works  wonderfully for the   scenario, 5 points must be examined and rolled for a failure gives a bad result, others will enhance the next scenario or give advantage  renown points, He-Man and his  party set up followed  by the bad guys intent on finding the Princess.
 "find the Princess and kill anyone who stops you" Evil Lyn is not to be messed with?
 Beast man bounds and leaps to the center objective, snarling with delight
 First squad of Eternian guard reach another point
 The second  arriving close to another
 Evil Lyn  enters the center and behind her come the savage Shadow Beasts, "slay all my pets"
 He-Man and Mn at arms run for the center to block the  advance of the fores of evil
 He-Man spots the Shadow beasts and charges head long without fear
 "The power of Greyskull" he downs a mighty Shadow beast in a single swipe
 Beast man rips open the hatch(Rolled a 1) and the Princess appears and shoots him point blank, the   creature looks down at the  hit and snarls, "More than that to stop me Princess"
 Man at arms joins the fight he fells  another shadow beast 
 The second Eternian guard find the objective and Tells advances, "For Greyskull"
 Evil Lyn  screams and  uses her Dark sorcery "Fools  you face me!!"
He-Man and Man at Arms are struck and blasted away  from the fight 
 Dazed and shocked they try to recover
 Evil Lyn shows no stopping and  directs her magics at the first Eternian Guard, "Die you worthless  scum"
The Squad is  vaporized on the spot all seems lost

 The Princess is  struck down and  tied by Beastman as Tella engages a Horde trooper
 He-Man recovers and dives at Evil Lyn "Enough of your dark Sorcery you vile  woman"
 Man at arms  charges the remaining shadow ape
 Tella exchanges blows with e Horde trooper both suffering wounds
 Wounded and bloody Man at arms fells the last shadow beast
 He then  aids He-Man against the Dark Sorceress
 Beatman leaps behind the Second Eternian guard Squad he slaughters a  trooper in a single swipe
 Howling he shows no mercy to the remaining guards who are ripped apart
 The horde trooper batters Tella who  sees a chance and  kills the Evil warrior
 Beastman snarls and charges  a wounded Tella "You Die now pretty one"
 As he charges she  strikes and  drops the beat in  a single blow "Not today you monster"
 She runs to see He-Man and Man at arms almost defeated by Evil Lyn they are failing fast, she  blasts the remaining Horde trooper but to no effect
 Evil Lyn is no weakling he  dodges and strikes   sending Man at arms to the floor, "You fail He-Man as always to  the Superior"
 He-man gathers his power calling on the Sorceress of Gray Skull and in a blinding flash knocks the Evil Sorceress to the floor.and out "Good always wins over evil"
He smiles and  ends the fight smiting the last Trooper  down. 

Victory to the side of good the final score was He-Man 17 Renown and  Evil Lyn 7.
Wonderful fun and was  a close call in the end, Princess Laylla rescued and all the  objectives taken, they now must search of the   Destructo Ray/
Very enjoyable game the system and mechanics with cards are great, more to come?????

Thursday 13 February 2020

Art Work 2020 NSFW

 Thought I  would try to post  a bit more art work on a regular basis, here are some of my ramblings, if anyone is offended please don't safe my friends