Wednesday 17 November 2010

Night terrors and action guy

Working on my multiverse game miniatures and added the night terrors, dream monsters from a very dark place (Olly's armies) along with the man himself (Golgo miniatures)

Monday 15 November 2010

More Art work Golgo and NYK3

Working om some characters and set pieces for my friend Sylvan of golgo island fame. along with
some of my art for my new comic strip (not done one in 12 years so im taking it slow)

Saturday 6 November 2010

Attack on Skull Island

Second of my battle reports, again using my large miniatures
collection, and part of my multiverse LTL games.

The action takes place on Skull Island, as Mis brunner and the
Bishop organise the Strato Zombies to steal DNA from the lost
and powerful creatures who live there. The lord of the Jungle
has other ideas on this dark purpose...
The cast

The lord of the jungle his beautiful mate, Jerry C and Alan C.
The king on the loat world, and his keeper Raven..
Miss Brunner, the Bishop and the foul, evil Strato Zombies

The Strato Zombies enclave, once a peaceful village they wiped
out the inhabitants to set up camp...

Miss Brunner arrives to ensure the terrable experiments are
going to plan . The Strato Zombies enforce there base with a
death ray..

Confident and feeling safe, the Zombie leader is delighted
at Miss Brunners tour.

The surroundings suddenly wake with noise and the sounds
of battle, the Strato Zombies prepare there defences...

The Lord of the jungle strikes first his power and skills,
he engages the guards who are no match for his deadly

Alan C charges with the contemptables he gathered and a
mass melee takes place, no quarter shown on either side.

Jerry C makes a sneak attack on the flanks of the camp,
mauser pistol and revolvers ready.

Alan C moves towards the camp from the combat only 4 of
his company remain, but the Stato Zombie's they left behind
will fight no more,

Leaving a wake of dead and broken Zombies the lord of
the Jungle breaches the defences.
Then a sound and roar burst the ears, the strato Zombie look
for the maker of such a horror.

The King of the lost land busts onto the camp destroying and
scattering all in his mighty path, Raven encouraging his
path of destruction.

The Jungle lord rips inot the last of the Zombies in his way
the alien fiends know true horror as the lord smashes into
there ranks....

The king of the lost worlds wreaks into the centire of the camp,
Miss Brunner is faced with some thing she cannot control the
Strato zombies stand no chance as the King scatters ther bodies
wide, Miss Brunner runs for the death ray.

The beam hits centre and stop's the mighty beast in its
track is falls like a huge tree to the ground, is all lost now?

Jerry C appers and moves to the side of Miss Brunner, opens
fire his shots forcing her escape, she flees...

Straight into the lord of the Jungle who knocks her on her
evil backside, his beautiful mate repeats the same on the
Strato Zombie leader. both in the dirt where thye belong.

The death ray stunned the mighty beast and Raven smiles
and he stands and looks down on the Bishop, the beasts
howls and swipes with his hugh hand, the bishop is sent like
a doll far inot the jungle his fate sealed.

Victory resounds in the camp, the heroes triumphant.
Game played using LTL rules, miniatures from my collection.

Friday 5 November 2010

Captain Una Persson & others

Finished part of my Mulitverse figures, for my LTL games
2 Una Persson miniatures for use, then the 3 below are a
repaint of my David Innis, a conversion for Ranamok the dragon
Caller and finaly Oswald Bastable. And then 3 more officers
of the law.
Artizan miniatures mainly

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Planet Z (art work)

More art using my cinique tablet. thanks for looking

Monday 1 November 2010

Battle of Whitechapel

The battle takes place in the rebel district of Whitechaple, the puritan forces have gathered there assult force,and lead by the agents of the Etanobie have resigned to crush the defenders once and for all.

Captain Black with his agents mass the assult force of puritan elite troopers.

The whitechapel defenders are supported by the American free Air Core who gather baracades.

The assult troops make a probe inot the defences, the defenders give fire.

Forced back the assult troops are reinforced and return
heavy vollys into the defenders lines

Crippeling fire takes a tool on the ranks and the Air core opens fire hoping
to drive off the assult troops

Flanked the air core is decimated by the new threat

Shoot down the leaders of the rebels take the positon of the fallen

Captain Black sends forward his heavy machine gun and its
apperance is un observed by the defenders who are engaged
in the flanks and centre, It tears into the defences cutting
down all in its path.

The leaders are forced to back away in to the buildings
leaving the flank exposed.

Only a few defenders remain on the baracade as Black moves
in for the kill, the machine gun cutting them own where they
valiantly stand, falling to a man.

Triumphant Black enters the defence of whitechapel his
mission a success, the defenders broken and there will to fight
removed ..

Played using THW rules larger than life, the game, was a
enjoyable romp, and played very well...